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Vegan Gifts

Browse our new collection of vegan gifts. Harvested, evaporated, and produced right here on our family's farm, our maple products form the centerpiece for each offering. Complementing this is a curated collection of food products sourced from an eclectic range of Vermont and New England farms. Over the years we've been approached about vegan gift offerings as maple syrup is a spectacular vegan sugar alternative, this collection is our long overdue answer to these questions.
Vegan Pancake & Waffle Mix
Vegan Pancake & Waffle Mix

Vegan Pancake & Waffle Mix


Vegan Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes

As we mentioned at the top, we’re long overdue for a collection of gifts specifically tailored to followers of a vegan diet. Throughout the years, my circle of friends has grown to include enthusiasts of a variety of plant-based diets. Fortunately, their valuable input helped inform the types of products we have available here today. As we’re a small family operation, our focus is to feature products from like businesses here in our home state of Vermont, as well as the greater New England area.

Vegan Food Gifts

Shopping for vegan food gifts online more or less serves up mass produced products that inevitably lack the connection to the land. Our maple products, as well as the selected products we’ve included in these gift sets maintain that connection. Small scale doesn’t always mean better; however, we find that it’s much easier to discover the real story behind the food you put in your body when you don’t have layers upon layers of bureaucracy between you and the actual producer. Feel free to reach out through our contact page or social media accounts with any questions. The farmers and crafters included also have their own pages, so give them a follow as well.

Vegan Gift Basket Delivery

Depending on the contents of the basket you end up choosing, such as vegan cheese, we’ll hold the gift for shipping until the following Monday if orders are placed later than Tuesday to locations other than the east coast. This is to ensure that the products are in pristine condition upon receipt, and don’t vacation in a mail facility over the weekend. Otherwise, we ship our gifts without delay so that you receive them in a timely manner. Karen, the Fortin family matriarch is our shipping specialist, and takes great pride in ensuring your gifts arrive to their required destination in the best shape possible, and of course in a timely manner.

Vegan Gifts for Him or Her

Everyone needs food, so why not treat yourself or someone special to something delicious you can feel great about. In that thread, our gifts are for everyone and not limited or tailored to fit a certain niche. Maple syrup and craft foods fit any occasion, and any person. Take a look for yourself!