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Store Policies

Below we have posted our Return Policy, Shipping Policy, and Privacy Policy.  If you have additional questions, contact us. We want to thank you for your business and guarantee to handle each order to your satisfaction.

Return Policy

Your satisfaction is important to our family. If you are not 100% satisfied with our products, please call us at the sugarhouse to arrange a replacement or your money back.

How to start a return?

If you are unsatisfied with our maple products contact us within 14 days of receiving your items so we can initiate the return process. We also want to hear from you, call us, email us, or send a smoke signal. If you are local, stop in and see us. We want to make sure we have a full understanding of what didn’t go right and make sure if it was preventable that it won't happen again. Good constructive feedback provides us with an opportunity to improve and ensure the Vermont maple experience is the best it can be for you and future customers.

Return of Merchandise

Depending on the purchase, we may want to have the items returned, this allows us to inspect the product and learn about what went wrong. We will send you a label for the return and you just need to drop it off at the respective mail carrier. Following this, after discussing what went wrong, we’ll either send a replacement product or submit a refund.

Return on Gift Cards

We cannot make returns on gift cards.  We suggest “regifting” or a donation to charity.

Shipping Policy

When will my maple order be shipped?

We will make every possible effort to get your order into the hands of the shipping carrier as quickly as possible. If your item won't be shipping within the time frames below, we will get in touch with you immediately via email or phone. We ship every day and you can expect your order to be shipped within 1 to 2 business days after being placed. In most instances, your order will go out the same day as it was placed.  During the holidays, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we will be working around the clock to get everyone's order out in plenty of time to arrive for the holiday. Getting your order placed early is the best course of action to ensure your maple products arrive on time.

Maple Gifts

These items will ship within 1-2 business days of placing your order.  If this is not the case, we will contact you via email.

Maple Syrup 

We work hard to keep stocked and anticipate your maple syrup orders.  You can expect that your maple syrup orders will be shipped immediately on the next business day of placing your order.

Maple Candy and Maple Cream

The same is true of maple candy and maple cream. However, because we make these items in small batches, we like to make candy on Monday and ship throughout the week to ensure freshness. Depending on the number of orders, your candy order could be held for as long as 3-4 days giving us time to process the candy. This case would be if you placed an order late Thursday or Friday. This is not highly likely, except for around the holiday season. If it is going to be longer than 3 days, we will contact you.

Maple Candy Favors

Place your maple candy favor order as soon as you know the quantity needed.  Be sure to include a note with your order, letting us know the date of the event. We will produce and ship the candy 2 weeks before the event. This gives you the freshest possible candy. If necessary, we will contact you to discuss what is convenient for you and your schedule.

Maple Syrup Favors

When you place your maple syrup favor order, be sure to leave an order note letting us know when your event is scheduled. Generally, we do a good job of anticipating orders for maple syrup favors and we can ship them within 1-2 business days. Occasionally, we will get caught with depleted inventory and will need to restock. Once we’ve scheduled bottling more favors, we will contact you via email and let you know when you can expect your order to be shipped. Do we ship Internationally? Currently, we ship anywhere in the United States (including Guam and military bases). We do not currently ship internationally. Feel free to reach out with any requests and we'll try to help on a case-by-case basis.

What carriers do we use?

We ship UPS and USPS.  We can set up your freight shipments or you can.

Guarantee of Delivery

While most packages will arrive on time, there may be circumstances and delays that our carriers may experience. For this reason, we do not guarantee the exact delivery time; the delivery issue is the responsibility of the shipping company. However, we will work from every angle to find a lost package and stay in contact with the carrier.

Improperly inputted shipping information.

New computers and smartphones now have functions that will auto-fill address fields at checkout to save time. These convenience features aren't yet smart enough to update after you move to a new address, or decide to send to a relative or friend. It is incumbent upon you as the customer to ensure the delivery address is correct. At the checkout you will be presented with a confirmation page to ensure the address is correct; additionally, we automatically send an email to the email address provided with the order details. We will no longer replace or refund products that are sent to an improper address. However, if you realize in the confirmation email that the address is incorrect, we encourage you to respond to the email, call us, or send a smoke signal to correct the issue.

Privacy Policy

Your email address will be handled with the utmost care and respect, your privacy is as important to us as our own. We like to keep in touch 5-10 times a year or so to let you know about specials, new products, recipes, and news from the farm that might be of interest to you. We promise that we won’t over-saturate your inbox. We do not share or sell our mailing list with any companies or organizations. We use email software to manage our list and you can easily opt-out of our email newsletters at any time.

Your gift recipient's contact information.

We will not add your gift recipients to any email list or share their addresses with any third-party organizations.