VT Maple Gift Baskets

Let someone special know you are thinking about them, when you recognize a special moment or event with a Vermont maple gift basket filled with our best products from our family's maple farm.

Maple Gift Baskets and Gifts

Our gourmet gift baskets are sure to bring enjoyment for whoever is fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of these fine products. Options for everyone and any occasion make this a perfect and stress-free decision.

What to send for a special occasion?

Finding the perfect gift basket for a special occasion is seldom as simple as you envision. Rather than logging valuable time grueling over 100’s of options that will most likely fall short of your expectations, consider our unique alternatives that satisfy any occasion. Whether celebrating a new home purchase, birthday, or holiday, no other option conveys the emotions you wish to send than a collection of our sweet maple syrup offerings.


With our array of options ranging from a simple token of syrup and pancakes, all the way to an extensive family gift basket, we are here to help.


Find a special occasion to send the love.


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Of our extensive collection, the Breakfast Gift Basket and Family Gift Basket are among our favorites. For starters, the breakfast gift basket features a unique glass maple leaf bottle filled with our 100% pure maple syrup. In addition, our array of maple sugar candy, sugar, and maple spread fill this basket out to take the recipients breakfast game to the next level.


However, if your needs are more substantial, then the family gift basket may be for you. Being light of wasteful, excess packaging, it is heavy on products. Featuring a quart of maple syrup that will last many breakfasts, and over 20 pieces of candy that ensures everyone will have their fill, this basket has something for everyone. While waiting for the pancakes, enjoy Brown and Jenkins Coffee or a cup of hot cocoa, paired perhaps with maple cream, peanut butter, jam, and honey on a piece of toast. No matter how the recipient of this gift chooses to use the contents, you can be assured they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Gift Boxes vs. Gift Baskets?

Often asked by our customers it raises an important question, personal preference will always win out in this choice; however, some important points that help along the decision-making process include some of the following. Gift boxes do not have to accommodate for the often-bulky basket that requires a larger box and more packaging material and that means less waste. Gift baskets make an elegant presentation and can be useful around the home after the maple products are long consumed. Regardless of the choice, the same quality maple products will be in both boxes and baskets.


What if I can’t find the right gift basket?

Contact us. We have a variety of maple product offerings that can be substituted or rearranged to provide the best gift basket to that special someone. Being a small, family business, by contacting us, you’ll be talking to one of the owner-operators who will ensure you have everything you need to be very satisfied with your gift buying experience.