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Gluten Free Gifts

Browse our collection of gluten free gift options. From our farm's maple products brought from tree to bottle on-site, to our curated selection of products from regional small holder farms and businesses, you can be assured that you're receiving a quality gluten free gift.

Gluten Free Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix
Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix

Gluten Free Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix


Gluten Free Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes

Through experiences talking to friends and customers about the difficulties of following a gluten free diet, it has become apparent that not only is it hard to find individual products themselves, but high-quality groupings of gluten free food gifts that conjure excitement. In this world of mass production and economies of scale it’s hard to be sure that behind that fancy label and marketing jargon, you’re receiving a product that supports the producers and workers who cultivated and packaged it. The best gifts are those that have a story; whether it’s for yourself, or someone special, it’s great to share delicious and tasty treats that also double as a conversation piece. A few of the gluten free farm products we'd like to highlight:

  • ·        Gluten Free Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix
  • ·        Maple Syrup – Featured in Glass & Plastic
  • ·        Maple Candy
  • ·        Blake Hill Preserves Naked Spread

Gluten Free Food Gifts

The best gluten free food gifts are those that you can be sure are what they are represented to be. While I can speak firsthand on the maple products made here on-farm; for example, our maple cream, candy, sugar, and candy contain only one ingredient, sap harvested from the trees on site and boiled to syrup. We have spoken at length to the other regional producers and small businesses on their production methods and are comfortable offering them as gluten free here on our site. For instance, Jim, who has been making our pancake mixes for years in Maine tells me that his gluten free buttermilk pancake mix is produced in a separate enclosed room with an independent heating and ventilation system, utensils, and mixing equipment. Similar conditions accompany all the products included in this collection, check out the individual product pages for more information (we link to them in each gift listing).

Gluten Free Gifts Delivered to Your Door

Considering recent events, we have become specialists in the preparation and shipping of our gift baskets abroad. This way, you or the gift recipient is certain to receive your gift in a timely, efficient manner. Presentation matters, and our baskets are delivered as shown, packaged safely, wrapped in a cellophane bag, and tied with a beautiful bow. Karen, my mother, and the boss around here, keeps a watchful eye and has trained the rest of us to mirror her meticulous technique for careful shipping.

Gluten Free Mother’s Day Gifts

As I mentioned earlier, my mother Karen is an important feature in my life (this is her son, Nathaniel writing all of this), I’d expect since you’re here reading this that it is likewise for you too! Finding a gluten free Mother’s Day gift to match the feelings you hope to express is a problem I’m faced with every year (gluten free restriction aside), especially since I can’t just give her stuff from the shelf at the farm! However, I’m confident you’ll find inspiration and find the right gluten free gift for your mother here. If you have a hard time putting your feelings into words, or need a point of emphasis, try giving something tangible and sweet like maple syrup. I'm confident you've come to the right place!