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Vermont Maple Syrup at the Carman Brook Farm

Vermont maple syrup is a separate food group in Vermont. It’s something Vermonter’s use to barter for services and goods just like a good pile of manure for the garden and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to enjoy with their maple syrup. Vermonters have been known to drink maple syrup straight up off the evaporator during the maple sugaring season, enjoying the warmth right to the tummy. For a little more warmth on those late night boils you can be sure to find a bottle of whiskey tucked away among the barrels to add to their shot of pure Vermont maple syrup. Other food producers, especially in Vermont, use maple syrup to produce a wide variety of products and you can pick up some of our favorites right on our website.  If you’ve spent a little time in the kitchen, check out some simple maple recipes that are Carman Brook Farm approved. Stick around and spend a little time with us either online or onsite.


Who is the Carman Brook Farm

Our Vermont maple syrup is produced on our family farm, the Carman Brook Farm.  Owned and operated by our family for five generations for over 100 years.  Since 1999 we’ve welcomed visitors to learn what we do and sample our products.  If you can’t visit our farm, located in the Northwestern corner of Vermont,  near the Canadian border and Lake Champlain, you can take a virtual tour around the farm.  The About Us and Life on the Farm links are a good place to start.  Have fun poking around and be sure to hit the contact us button to ask questions and you can even leave a comment on the Farm Fresh News posts.


What the Carman Brook Farm Offers

The sugarhouse sells maple syrup that we produce and bottle on our farm. We’ve been making maple candy and maple cream in our sugarhouse kitchen since we started making syrup. If you are visiting the area, be sure to stop by the sugarhouse for beef, veal and eggs. We’ve also put together a fabulous variety of local products from other farms and small businesses and can direct you to the best farmer’s markets during your stay. Spend a little time walking around the farm and getting familiar with our Vermont landscape. Folks like getting hitched here because its so pretty. Even if they can’t get hitched here, we can send them some sweet maple syrup in party sized bottles for their special day.


What you can expect at the Carman Brook Farm

A lot of things have changed around agriculture and we’ve been changing the ways that we do things around the farm.  We strive to bring you 100% satisfaction with our products while maintaining environmental responsibility, acceptable animal husbandry and maintaining farm sustainability for future generations.  Its a lot of work and occasionally you can expect that we’ll be off the farm having a little fun ourselves. Our family looks forward to meeting you!!

Karen Fortin, Owner Carman Brook