Welcome to our Farm

Our Vermont maple syrup is produced from the maple trees on our family farm.  The Carman Brook Farm is owned and operated by our family for five generations spanning 100 years.  We welcome visitors to learn what we do and sample our products.  If you can’t visit our farm, located in the Northwestern corner of Vermont, near the Canadian border and Lake Champlain, you can take a virtual tour around the farm or visit us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Have fun poking around and be sure to hit the contact us button to get answers to your questions.

We strive to bring you 100% satisfaction with our products while maintaining environmental responsibility and maintaining farm sustainability for future generations.  It’s a lot of work and occasionally you can expect that we’ll be off the farm having a little fun ourselves. Our family looks forward to meeting you!!

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We're Online!

A lot of things have changed around agriculture and we’ve been changing the ways that we do things around the farm.  Check us out online, leave a review, see our latest and greatest creations, and find out what we're up to.

Maple, Maple, and Some Other Stuff

The Vermont Maple Syrup produced on the Carman Brook Farm is pure and natural. Made from the maple sap produced by maple trees on our farm, it is pesticide and formaldehyde free, contains no preservatives, artificial flavorings or color. Maple Syrup is naturally gluten free. You can feel good about Vermont Maple Syrup on your table.

A secret amongst Vermonters is that pancakes and Vermont maple syrup are a hearty dinner. Flapjacks and maple syrup are a staple meal that isn't just for breakfast. Now, you, too, can enjoy many meals of this favorite comfort food.

Tradition is important to Vermonters.  Start your own family traditions around real Vermont Maple Syrup.  Let us be a part of your sweet beginnings on your wedding day with our maple event favors.  Treat your sweetest employees and customers with a breakfast to share with family and friends. Check out our Event Favor section  and Gifts section for some awesome ideas.

Maple candy, maple cream and maple sugar are all made with one ingredient.  You guessed it, Vermont Maple Syrup.  The secret to making different maple confections is the cooking, cooling and stirring process. Enjoy some delectable maple products with your next order. Check out our collection of maple gifts, favors, treats, candies, and syrup at our online store.

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Important to Us

Environmental Responsibility

We loved being kids on our farm, running through the woods, playing in the fields, exploring what nature's given us. This was all possible because for generations our family has made a conscious decision to maintain a healthy, environmentally friendly farm that continues to support our family and provide a space for our children and grandchildren to realize their agricultural dreams.

Sustainable Farming

Our products are produced in a manner that maintains the soil and trees so future generations may enjoy this farm and the food it produces. Our farm actively engages with a Forest Management Plan.  A living document that ensures our maple trees and wooded areas are maintained to provide  healthy wooded areas while maintaining wildlife habitat.

We're Real People

There's room for big brands, online retailers, and box stores in our society and we're comfortable with that fact. But we also believe in keeping that personal touch in customer service. When you call Carman Brook Farm you'll more than likely reach a family member who is here to help you find answers to your questions and select the right maple products.  Feel free to call.

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