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4 Pack Maple Sampler


The 4 Pack Maple Sampler includes four individual 3.29 oz. bottles filled with the different grades of maple syrup. You get to try the grades of maple syrup and judge for yourself which flavor is your favorite. A natural sweetener that is both gluten free and vegan, syrup is a great gift for any diet.

Product Details

This sampler pack is a really nice gift, too. Bundled in a shrink wrap, all you need is a ribbon to make this maple syrup quartet ready for gift giving.

  • Golden Delicate Taste/Fancy
  • Amber Rich Taste/Table Syrup
  • Dark Robust Taste/Table Syrup
  • Very Strong Dark Taste/Baking

If you want to try the different grades in a neat little package, this is definitely the right syrup purchase for you.

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