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Monthly Maple Gift Clubs

Carman Brook Farm's monthly maple gift clubs provide a complete experience across the Vermont maple spectrum. At the completion of any of our monthly clubs the recipient will be a qualified expert on an important Vermont delicacy and our culture at large. In our opinion, the best part of acquiring this expertise is that the different flavors are delicious across the board, inspiring great tabletop discussion each time they sit down and experiment with the new month's offering.
Choosing a food subscription box doesn't have to be limited to a random collection of mass-produced products you can get yourself at any grocery store. We're proud to include food and maple products crafted totally on-farm here at the Carman Brook Farm as well as a variety of delicious treats made by local Vermont crafters. We are eternally grateful to our customers for choosing us and expect that to be conveyed through the quality of each month's subscription.

Breakfast Subscription Box
The Breakfast subscription box is four months of shipments with four different grades of maple syrup.

Breakfast Subscription Box

From $194.25

Family Subscription Box
Maple syrup, candy, sugar and cream with jam and dry mixes make up this family gift in four deliveries.

Family Subscription Box

From $217.25

Maple Gift Club - Pints
This four month food club subscription is one of each grade of maple syrup.

Maple Gift Club - Pints


Maple Gift Club - Quarts
A different grade of maple syrup each month for four months in this monthly food gift subscription.

Maple Gift Club - Quarts


Gluten Free Subscription Box
Surprise someone on a gluten free diet with these delicious food items arriving in four separate deliveries.

Gluten Free Subscription Box

From $226.50

Vegan Subscription Box
Four monthly mailings of gluten free products. The best of our maple products with a couple we found locally.

Vegan Subscription Box

From $214.50

Food of the Month Club

There is no worse feeling than reaching for your syrup container to pour over freshly made pancakes or waffles only to find that it's empty. Prevent this tragedy from happening to your loved ones by choosing one of our delicious food of the month clubs. No plate this year should be bare of the necessities! I suspect this is my Vermont bias speaking, but I would rank maple syrup in the category of the "necessary condiments", the best homemade stack of pancakes should be treated with a proper companion.

What are the best monthly subscription boxes?

The best monthly subscription boxes are those that fill a need, convey a bit of happiness, share an experience, or a combination of all three. It's our opinion that the offerings in this collection check each box in spades. An added benefit is that the products contained in each months subscription are from producers operating in an ethical manner, joined in common cause with their communities, and looking to offer the best version of their respective trade's products. Where the rubber meets the road is the in-home experience of the recipient, we believe the satisfaction will be apparent each month when you receive a text or call thanking you for thinking of them.

Subscription Boxes for Men, Women, and All

The subscription boxes we offer are inclusive to all! Maple products are delicious and stand on their own strongly in that regard. No matter the occasion, be it Mother's Day, the holidays, or just because, a monthly club of maple treats is going to convey your true feelings and leave a lasting impression. Our intent is to offer a blend of options to fit your needs, making the decision easy.