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Vermont Maple Syrup

Why Vermont Maple Syrup?

Are you looking for a healthy, all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free food option? Look no further than Carman Brook Farm's Vermont Maple Syrup! Our small batch maple syrup is harvested in the northwest corner of Vermont and offers exquisite quality that can be delivered straight to your door. Here are just some of the many benefits our Vermont maple syrup has to offer:
  • All-natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives.
  • Naturally vegan and gluten-free.
  • Sustainably harvested, evaporated, and bottled from our 5th-generation farm.
  • Unique terroir produces top-quality Vermont maple syrup.

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Real Maple Syrup
Carman Brook Farm's real maple syrup in every plastic container we offer.

Real Maple Syrup

From $5.00

Maple Syrup Leaf Bottle in Five Sizes
Maple leaf bottle in five sizes

Maple Syrup Leaf Bottle in Five Sizes

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4 Pack Maple Sampler
Carman Brook Farm maple sampler of all four grades of table syrup.

4 Pack Maple Sampler


Autumn Leaf Maple Syrup Bottle
Autumn leaf maple syrup bottle filled with Amber Rich Taste maple syrup from Carman Brook Farm.

Autumn Leaf Maple Syrup Bottle


Two Grades in Split Leaf Bottles
3.29 and 1.7 oz. set of split leaf maple syrup bottles in amber rich and dark robust taste maple syrup.

Two Grades in Split Leaf Bottles

From $13.50

Gift Card
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Gift Card

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Choosing the Right Grade of Maple Syrup

Vermont maple syrup is widely considered to be the best tasting in the world and comes in four distinct grades: Golden Delicate, Amber Rich, Dark Robust, and Very Dark Strong Taste. For a more in-depth discussion of maple syrup grades follow this link here, otherwise here's a quick rundown of each grade to find the right one for you and yours.

  • Golden Delicate is the lightest and most subtle of these grades. It has a delicate (pretty creative name, right) taste and aroma which makes it an ideal accompaniment for vanilla ice cream, and confections. The flavor is sweet but not overly so, making it great for anyone looking for a mild flavor profile.
  • Amber Rich is slightly darker than Golden Delicate, with a richer flavor that pairs perfectly with foods like waffles, pancakes, and French toast. A true table syrup, Amber Rich has a hint of nutty sweetness that adds another dimension to dishes like oatmeal or smoothies. It’s also perfect as a topping for desserts like cheesecakes and muffins if you want something bolder than its lighter cousin.
  • Dark Robust maple syrup is bolder in flavor and has hints of caramel and butterscotch mixed in with its signature sweetness. It’s excellent for savory dishes like glazed carrots or roasted vegetables. We also consider this a premier table syrup for those who like a bit bolder maple flavor to go with their pancakes than Amber Rich affords.
  • Finally, Very Dark Strong Taste is ideal for those who enjoy an intense maple flavor that verges on bitter but still retains all of its unique sweetness. This grade of Vermont maple syrup works particularly well in baking, as its maple flavor carries through the cooking process; it’s also excellent when used to make homemade barbecue sauces or marinades.

All four grades are made from 100% pure Vermont maple syrup and even though each grade has different perceptions of sweetness, they all have the same density of sugar, about 67 Brix which is tightly defined in Vermont maple law.

Maple Syrup For Sale

At Carman Brook Farm, we are proud to offer a range of premium maple syrup products made from the finest pure Vermont maple syrup. Our all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free products are perfect for those looking to add some sweetness to their dishes without compromising on health or quality. With small batch production, we ensure that our maple syrup is never blended and always reflects the unique conditions of the day it was harvested.

We have something for everyone, with options ranging from glass bottles to plastic containers of various sizes. Our commitment to providing a direct connection between customers and our land makes us stand out among other producers who rely solely on industrialized approaches and homogenized maple syrup.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Vermont maple syrup should be your choice for all-natural sweetness:

  • It's 100% natural with no artificial additives or preservatives
  • Our family farm's maple syrup is an excellent source of antioxidants and minerals like zinc, magnesium, and calcium
  • It helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • All of our farm's pure Vermont maple syrup is sustainably produced in small batches
  • Our pure Vermont maple syrup has a rich flavor profile unlike any other sweetener on the market
  • We offer competitive, real-time shipping rates

We believe that you deserve nothing but the best when it comes to choosing sweeteners for your dishes. That's why we go above and beyond to provide you with premium Vermont maple syrup that is never blended and always fresh. So if you're looking for an all-natural alternative to artificial sweeteners, look no further than Carman Brook Farm's Vermont maple syrup today!

History of Maple Sugaring in Vermont

The history of maple sugaring in Vermont is long and deep. Going back long before European settlers arrived in New England, the native Abenaki tribes were the first to discover the sweet sap that could be harvested from local sugar maples in the area. The Abenaki would tap directly into the trees and collect the sap in birchbark buckets, then boil it with fire-heated rocks until the syrup became easily storable sugar.

European settlers learned maple sugaring from their Native American neighbors, adapting the traditional methods to fit their lifestyle and culture. They began making larger-scale maple sugar production possible by creating metal spigots that were tapped into the trunks of the trees and connected to buckets or troughs. The sap was then boiled down in larger quantities, creating smaller batches of maple sugar. When you hear people in the know call it the sugaring season, and call the forest a "sugar bush", this is because traditionally maple sugar was produced rather than maple syrup.

Vermont has been producing maple syrup since the 19th century when advances in canning allowed maple syrup to be stored without spoiling, it quickly became a major industry in the state. In 1853, sap-collecting was made easier with the invention of metal spouts, as well as later tubing systems that allowed for larger amounts of sap to be collected. By the early 1900s, Vermont was a leader in maple syrup production and remains so today.

At Carman Brook Farm, we are continuing the proud history of maple sugaring with our own family-run farm. We use traditional methods while keeping up with modern advances to bring you the finest quality Vermont maple syrup, right to your doorstep.

Come join us in celebrating the sweet history of Vermont maple syrup!

Best Maple Syrup in the Country

Vermont is a veritable hotspot for maple syrup production in the United States, with more than 2.2 million gallons of syrup produced in 2020, representing half of the entire United States crop! Our family-run business only produces a tiny sliver of that amount, but we take great pride in our contribution to this impressive figure by adding to it with some of the best maple syrup available on the market today.

At our small family farm as Vermont maple sugar makers, we take care to ensure that every barrel of maple syrup meets our exacting standards. We manage and ethically harvest our sugarbush's sap, then evaporate, filter, and package each batch ourselves. This allows us to bring you a truly special product—one that is all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, and sourced from one single forest location!

If you’re looking for delicious pure Vermont maple syrup without having to leave your home, we’ve got you covered. Here’s just some of what you can expect when you order from us:

• Small batch-produced pure maple syrup made with only the freshest ingredients

• All-natural sweetness with no artificial additives or preservatives

• Gluten-free and vegan

• Superior quality control throughout the entire production process

• Comprehensive customer service and support whenever you need it

• Automatic 10% off for any order of 6 maple syrup containers

• Delivered straight to your door for convenience

Terroir, Taste of Place, and Maple Syrup

We proudly produce small batches of handcrafted pure maple syrup from our sugarbush here in Vermont - a region renowned for its uniquely delicious maple tree syrups. Our sugaring season is short and sweet, but it yields some of the best maple syrup around.

The secret lies in the rocky outcrops of limestone that make up much of our uncultivated land. The unique environment created by this combination of climate, soil, and topography imparts a flavor profile to our syrup that is truly one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated in other regions.

Each year, our dedicated team gathers sap from thousands of maple trees in the sugarbush before boiling it down into delicious syrup. We take great care to ensure that we balance production with conservation so that this tradition can continue for generations to come. This includes hygiene and tapping practices that you can read more about here.

If you’re passionate about sustainable, terroir-based, and handcrafted foods, then real Vermont maple syrup is the perfect way to sweeten your morning. Studies on terroir and its relationship with maple syrup have become increasingly popular; Middlebury College noted in one study, that during blind testing, the public was able to distinguish significant quality differences in maple syrup with ease.

In the same study, though they noted that more research is needed on the matter, the college recorded an increase in calcium, magnesium, and potassium levels in tree sap from sugarbushes located on limestone bedrock. All important nutrients for plant growth and health. In other words, the detection of quality differences in maple syrup isn't reserved for sommeliers of the craft and competition judges, taste for yourself. 

Don't Settle, Vermont Maple Syrup is One-Of-A-Kind

“You can fix a bad breakfast with real Vermont maple syrup or you can wreck a good breakfast with the fake stuff. It’s an easy choice.”

     -Long-time and Valued Customer, R. Nye of CT

If you're looking for an all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free option to sweeten your morning meal or treat yourself to a delicious dessert, Vermont maple syrup is a perfect choice. At Carman Brook Farm we take great pride in our mix of traditional and modern methods of producing high-quality maple syrup.

Our small batch production ensures that each bottle of maple syrup contains only the best ingredients and flavors from Vermont's forests - with no artificial preservatives or flavorings. Whether you’re a fan of terroir-based foods or simply want to support local businesses while enjoying healthy options – real Vermont maple syrup is just what you need! Shop now on our website and get premium Vermont maple syrup delivered right to your doorstep today!