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Unique wedding favor ideas your guests will love - Split leaf wedding favor with hang tags and bow.
Unique Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

By Nathaniel Fortin on Feb 07, 2023

Many couples get stuck in a rut when it comes to figuring out wedding favor ideas for their big day. They usually toss up their hands and go to the same old stores and pick out the same old things: chocolate...

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Country themed wedding favor
Bob & Amanda's Country Themed Wedding

By Karen Fortin on Jul 27, 2022

This is the first in our series of blogs highlighting how our customers used maple syrup favors in their weddings. If you’ve read through any of our product content, you’ve heard our take on the best way to ...

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Wedding favor quotes are essential to planning your theme.
Wedding Favor Sayings and Quotes

By Karen Fortin on Mar 11, 2022

Everyone wants to score high marks in the memorable category for their big day, this goes without saying. You’ve worked hard coming up with color schemes, table décor, and venues, and lost sleep selecting th...

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Bows on your maple syrup favors will tie the theme of the day with a touch of personalization.
How to Tie a Perfect Bow on Wedding Favors

By Karen Fortin on Oct 01, 2021

Tying the perfect bow is but one step in the process, and not the first one. First, you must navigate the wide variety of fabric types and colors available, then select the right mix that complements your we...

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Everything you need to know about wedding hang tags.
Hang Tags 101

By Karen Fortin on Oct 01, 2021

Everything You Need to Know about Hang Tags Unless you've already started searching for the right hang tag, you wouldn't think that it merits a full blog. This Hang Tags 101 blog will help you understand why...

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Surprised and happy couple looking in a shipping box at their wedding favors.
Shipping Wedding Favors - FAQ's

By Karen Fortin on Aug 23, 2021

Everything you need to know about shipping and receiving your wedding favors from Carman Brook Farm is right here in one place. Two decades of selling party favors and answering questions qualify us to know ...

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Diamonds and maple syrup have a lot in common.
Maple Syrup & Diamonds

By Karen Fortin on Jan 15, 2021

4 C’s of Diamond Grading  Believe it or not, maple syrup and diamonds have a lot in common. The syrup isn’t as expensive as a diamond; however, why not sweeten up the most important person in your life with ...

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