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Diamonds and maple syrup have a lot in common.

Maple Syrup & Diamonds

4 C’s of Diamond Grading 

Believe it or not, maple syrup and diamonds have a lot in common.

The syrup isn’t as expensive as a diamond; however, why not sweeten up the most important person in your life with pure Vermont maple syrup and your favorite accompaniment?

Couple getting engaged and showing love.

Maple syrup quality isn't something taken lightly at Carman Brook Farm. Vermonters treat their maple syrup like a precious gemstone, kind of like selecting a fine diamond for the one you love. We put so much of ourselves and take care in making sure that each bottle of maple syrup represents the quality syrup that we would want on our family's table. 


Like a fine diamond, it's all about the color, likewise, color is an important factor in grading maple syrup quality. The syrup grading system accounts for the color and flavor of the syrup. At Carman Brook Farm, we find that the prettiest color for party favors is the Amber Rich Taste grade. Featuring a beautiful and elegant amber hue, this grade refracts a spectacular array of light, adding to the ambiance of any table setting. Additionally, Amber Rich Taste syrup is often the table syrup of choice for our customers. This makes it a surefire gift for a large audience, like at a wedding reception or a corporate event and is by far a favorite syrup for pancakes and French toast.

Maple syrup wedding favors and different color diamonds.


The best diamonds have near-perfect clarity, which is a characteristic we strive to achieve in every bottle we produce. Each bottle of Vermont maple syrup from our farm is perfectly filtered to meet the expectations you should have for the most stunning color possible. Anyone can package maple syrup in a glass bottle, only a few can do it right. The translucent syrup allows just enough light through the glass and adds to the elegance of the presentation.

Maple leaf wedding favors showing off the clarity like a diamond.


When a diamond is rated for cut, the interaction with light is key. As we've stated, the transmission of light through high-quality glass is everything for presentation. For diamonds, brightness, fire, and scintillation are descriptors for the sparkle and reflection of white light. While not white, the rich amber hue of maple syrup produces its unique brightness, fire, and scintillation that the true connoisseur will appreciate.

Maple syrup for a wedding favor showing the fine cut of the bottle.


Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. In terms of maple syrup, we're talking about the fluid ounces of the container and density. The density of maple syrup is tightly controlled by Vermont state regulations. In addition, the quality our customers expect would be impossible to maintain without the tightest controls on maintaining a consistent density from grade to grade. At Carman Brook Farm, our glass offerings range from 1.7 to 25.9 ounces. With this variety, we're confident that you will be able to find an offering right for you.

Small maple syrup wedding favor.

Our Guarantee of Maple Syrup Quality

If you can seriously come up with a reason that you don't like our maple syrup, then, by all means, send it back and we'll refund your money. Every barrel bottled is tasted by sugarmakers with decades of experience. You'll never experience the dreaded "bud" taste in our syrup.

Our family stands behind every bottle of maple syrup that leaves our farm. From our farm to your table.....Enjoy!

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