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Unique wedding favor ideas your guests will love - Split leaf wedding favor with hang tags and bow.

Unique Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Many couples get stuck in a rut when it comes to figuring out wedding favor ideas for their big day. They usually toss up their hands and go to the same old stores and pick out the same old things: chocolate, trinkets, candles, etc.

If you're looking for unique, outside-the-box, and useful wedding favors then maple syrup wedding favors from Carman Brook Farm are a great option! From rustic to elegant weddings, these favors can be customized to fit any wedding theme. Plus, they're practical and useful gifts that your guests will love!

With all of those issues in mind and so many options out there, it can be tough to decide what to choose. Luckily, we've put together a list of unique wedding favor ideas that your guests are sure to love. From personalized items to heartfelt keepsakes, the following favors will make your wedding even more singular.

What is the average cost of wedding favors?

Wedding favors are a great way to show your guests just how much you appreciate their attendance in celebrating your nuptials. Average costs for wedding favors range from $2.50-$10 per guest, depending on the type of favor. It is important to consider wedding favors as part of your overall budget, as they can be a significant cost if you are hosting a large number of guests. According to The Knot’s 2021 report, the average cost spent on wedding favors was $450, with an average attendance of about 105 people.

When considering what type of favor to give, maple syrup is a unique alternative that adds something special and memorable to any reception. Our maple syrup is affordable and offers custom labeling options so that each guest can enjoy their own personalized bottle. By purchasing sustainably sourced maple syrup, you're also showing support for local businesses and communities across the country! This is all possible to do right at the national average cost of wedding favors, or even below, continue reading to find out.

 Are wedding favors necessary- gallone wedding favors with hang tag and bow.

Are wedding favors necessary?

Ultimately, this is a personal decision that each couple will have to grapple with on their own. Guests sometimes travel anywhere from 100's to 1000's miles away to be there on this important milestone and special occasion. It is customary, and sometimes even expected to share a small, token of your appreciation that they can remember the day. Our recommendation would be to stay within your budget, we offer a variety of selections that should cover the spectrum.

Not only is it polite to give something to guests as a token of appreciation, but it’s also seen as an important part of the tradition of weddings. Wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes, and they can range from very inexpensive trinkets to more extravagant gifts. Regardless of cost, couples should make sure their wedding favors are thoughtful and reflect their relationship with each guest personally.

Couples need to think about the meaning behind their wedding favors; even a small gift can be powerful symbol that lives on in everyone’s memories long after the wedding ends. The wedding favor is a unique opportunity to provide tangible tokens that symbolize the bond between themselves and their guests.

The Knot has a great breakdown of how to approach the question of if wedding favors are necessary. Essentially, their advice echoes ours: carefully consider your budget and have an idea of what gifts you would like to give your guests and the wedding party.

 The perfect practical and useful wedding favor- Carman Brook Farm's sampler bottle of maple syrup.

Show Your Guests You Care with Practical and Useful Wedding Favors - like Vermont Maple Syrup!

As you plan your wedding, you may be looking for ways to show your guests how much you care. While traditional favors like candy or keepsakes are a nice gesture, you might want to consider giving something with a bit more practicality – like Vermont maple syrup in an elegant, rustic bottle. Not only are these gifts useful and enjoyable for your guests, but they also add a tasteful touch to the décor of the day.

Produced from our sustainable sugarbush in the Champlain Valley of the Green Mountain State, I think you'll find that Vermont maple syrup from Carman Brook Farm is a one-of-a-kind wedding favor option.

Your guests will appreciate the effort you put into selecting something special and unique that they can take home and enjoy after your big day has ended. The best part is that ordering is easy, so you can make a well-thought-out decision with next to no effort on your part. Maple syrup stores extremely well, so you can order early with no anxiety.

 The maple sampler as a useful wedding favor.

The Maple Sampler- A Truly Useful Wedding Favor

The Sampler favor is the perfect choice for both a sentimental and practical wedding favor. Not only are they useful for your guests to enjoy during the event (as a topping on dessert or ice cream, perhaps) or later as part of a home-cooked meal, but they won't take up much space in their luggage either for a destination wedding! At 3.29 oz. (100 ML), these small plastic bottles are within TSA regulations so your out-of-town guests can travel worry-free with their special keepsake.

To make your Sampler favors even more special, they can be dressed up to fit any wedding theme. Try tying a bow or ribbon around the neck of the bottle, or add a hang tag with a personalized message – it's an easy way to give the favor that extra bit of love and show your guests how much they mean to you!

Plus, you don't have to worry about them being forgotten or wasted like the novelty trinkets and candles you see at many weddings (As a maple farmer who attends weddings from time to time, this is something I notice!) – every guest will get to bring one home and remember your big day over their next breakfast! The only drawback? Unfortunately, there won't be any leftovers for you to take home when it's all over.

 Personalized wedding favors from Carman Brook Farm on display, showing beautiful maple syrup.,

Give Guests a Memorable Gift with Personalized Wedding Favors- 1.7 oz. Maple Leaf

Of all the wedding favor ideas, personalized wedding favors are a great way to make the wedding date even more memorable for both you and your guests. Not only do they allow you to add a bit of your personality and flair to the gifts, but they also help ensure that each person gets an unforgettable memento of the occasion.

Carman Brook Farm's 1.7 oz maple syrup wedding favor is the perfect example of how personalized gifts can truly show how much each guest means to you. Filled with our farm's Amber Rich Taste maple syrup, this unique gift will certainly be enjoyed by everyone on your list.

To tailor it according to your preference, simply choose between a raffia bow for a rustic look, a satin bow for an elegant theme, or stride forth boldly with a pull bow ribbon. Not to go off on a tangent, but if you want to learn more about tying bows of all types, my mom, Karen, wrote a great blog on tying bows of all types. She has a long history of tying all sorts of things, from my shoes when I was little, to beautiful bows on gift baskets, give it a read.

For creative hang-tag designs, look no further than Karla Brown of Karla Brown Designs on Etsy - she has some amazing ideas that are sure to fit in with whatever theme you have in mind! The best part is that all these favor tags can be personalized with phrases or images that reflect you as a couple – making them one-of-a-kind keepsakes from your special day! Karla's hang tags are featured in all the photography you see in this blog, they really stood out in our opinion.

 Detail your names and wedding date on your custom wedding favors from Carman Brook Farm.

Engrave your Message, Name, and Date on the Bottle Itself for Complete Customization.

Add the finishing touch to your Carman Brook Farm 1.7 oz maple syrup wedding favor with custom engraving on the actual bottle itself. You can choose up to three lines of content - from a couple's names and wedding date, or even a heartfelt quote - and one of our six fonts for complete customization.

Personalizing your 1.7 oz maple syrup wedding favor is a great way to make sure that each guest gets a truly special souvenir from your day. Not only will they remember the meaningful gesture, but the added customization will ensure that the memento stands out amongst others - with its heartfelt words conveying the beautiful sentiment of love and appreciation between you and your guests.

To ensure the perfect engraving, we always have a digital proof sent over before formatting it as a vector file and commencing engraving - so you'll know exactly how it will look before it ships to you. We collaborate with another local small business that specializes in laser engraving, he's very good and is particular about optimizing the file before he begins work.

 Rustic or Barn weddings will pair well with the gallone maple syrup wedding favor from Carman Brook Farm.

Rustic Wedding Favors- 1.7 oz. Gallone Maple Wedding Favor

Rustic barn weddings have become increasingly popular over the years - and for good reason! These special occasions often feel like an intimate call-back to simpler times, allowing couples to share their overarching love and dedication with each of their wedding guests.

When coming up with wedding favor ideas, the right décor and accessories can create a memorable atmosphere that is utterly unique and breathtakingly beautiful. One of our favorite edible wedding favors, the Gallone, makes it easy to nail the perfect rustic touch - offering authentic charm that will compliment your rustic place settings. Read about Bob & Amanda's Country Themed Wedding and how they used the Gallone favor.

Our Gallone maple syrup nip is the ideal choice - a 1.7 oz bottle of pure Vermont maple syrup in the form of an old-fashioned whiskey jug, making it appropriate for all ages! Whether you're going for bales of hay, mason jars, or twinkling lights, for a more classic rustic affair, this nostalgic favor will fit right in with your theme.

Sporting a jug handle perfectly suited for a piece of twine and a favor tag personalized to you and your guests, this wedding favor packs a little taste of heaven. Produced right here on our maple farm in Vermont, each bottle is filled with a true taste of place. Wholesale prices are available when ordering 24 bottles or more - so make sure to get enough for all your loved ones!

 The perfect wedding place setting tied together with a custom wedding favor from Carman Brook Farm.

3.29 oz. Maple Leaf- Custom Wedding Favors

Customizable wedding favors allow you to choose favors that truly express your style and creativity. With a personalized wedding favor, you can create something unique that is tailored to your special day – something that reflects your personality and preferences. Furthermore, they provide a personal touch that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Instead of giving them something generic or ordinary, you can give something custom-made just for them. This shows thoughtfulness and appreciation which will make the favor all the more special!

Double the size of our 1.7 oz. option, the 3.29 oz. maple leaf exudes sophistication and style, adding an extra layer of charm to your custom wedding favors. When recommending party favors, this is our go-to as it showcases finer style lines than its smaller counterpart and carries the perfect amount of heft when held in hand.

With its classic shape and unique finish, this custom item stands out from other baubles like a keychain, bottle opener, or candle—allowing you to curate something that perfectly captures the spirit of your special day.

 Customize a message for you wedding favor to include your names and wedding date.

Personalizing it with one of our six different fonts will make sure that your names and wedding date are remembered by all who attend! In comparison with the 1.7 oz. leaf, this sweet treat has a bit more room for content and is our recommendation for couples who want to include a favor saying or wedding hashtag in addition to their names and wedding date. With this specific party favor and personalized touch, you can be sure that not one of your wedding guests will ever forget how much you care about them—or just how awesome your wedding day was!

 Our farm's most affordable wedding favor, a slender jug of maple syrup.

Slender Jug of Maple Syrup- Our Most Affordable Wedding Favor

Affordable wedding favors don't have to mean sacrificing quality. You can find great gifts for your guests without breaking the bank. You also don't have to settle for trinkets such as bottle openers or mini bottles of mass-produced hot sauce, we have maple syrup wedding favors to fit almost any budget.

Show your appreciation for your guests without the need to compromise on quality or blow the budget! Inexpensive wedding favors allow you to give a meaningful and personal touch to your wedding day, without spending an arm and a leg.

With our most affordable wedding favor, we were able to bulk buy these containers from a local company that was shutting its doors. In this case, the cost savings are passed down to our customers so you essentially get the syrup at cost with no extra packaging expense. You can affix a label from our favorite label crafter on Etsy, Kimmeric, which has a variety of options to fit any wedding theme. Just like our sampler favor, this bottle holds 3.29 oz. of maple syrup, plenty for a hearty stack of pancakes.

 Our Split Leaf bottle in two grades of maple syrup is the best elegant wedding favor.

Split Leaf in Two Grades- Elegant Wedding Favors

When searching around for wedding favor ideas with an elegant wedding theme, we've found couples want party favors that will exude elegance and style, adding an extra layer of charm to ensure the best wedding possible. The perfect elegant wedding favor should be unique and memorable, allowing the couple to express their persona and tastes.

By delivering something that is both meaningful and timeless, this gesture will not only show appreciation to their guests, but it will also help create lasting memories of the special day! The best wedding favors should compliment everything else at the table place setting, being neither gaudy nor too subdued, but distinctly classy.

 Our elegant wedding favor- Split Leaf Bottle tying together the perfect wedding table setting.

Our Split Leaf favors offer up everything an elegant wedding favor should possess in spades. This is one of the best wedding favors available and is an ideal choice for couples looking for a unique favor idea.

Available in two different sizes and price points, choose either 1.7 oz or 3.29 oz bottles, these favors are split between our Amber Rich and Dark Robust Taste grades of maple syrup – providing a contrast in colors to add a bit of spice and character, as well as flattering comments about your table set pieces from guests.

Try alternating these bottles between each grade of syrup around your place settings to provide a beautiful visual aesthetic that will not only stun your guests but your photographer as well. During this product photoshoot, our photographer was most excited about working with this favor. With a minimum order of 24, we split that number evenly between the light and dark syrup, so we recommend ordering in even numbers.

 The 8.45 oz. Autumn Leaf is the fall wedding favor to fit the season.

8.45 oz. Autumn Leaf- Fall Wedding Favors to Fit the Season

Fall weddings offer couples the perfect opportunity to get creative with brainstorming their wedding favor ideas. With the changing of the season come many unique benefits, such as beautiful autumnal color palettes and cooler weather that make outdoor events more comfortable.

Fall is typically the most popular time of wedding season (that is definitely true where we live in Vermont), meaning the competition and stress for venues and caterers is at their peak! You can make one easy decision by turning to maple syrup as your wedding favor of choice, easy to store, you can order early and forget about this task until you're setting up.

When thinking about your choices of favors, fall weddings generally have a more relaxed atmosphere that allows for greater creativity when it comes to decorations, flowers, photography, favors, and more. With these benefits in mind, it's no wonder why so many couples opt for a fall wedding! Pair maple syrup as the most complimentary favor for these ideal conditions.

 The 8.45 oz. autumn leaf is also perfect as a wedding party favor.

When you're coming up with ideas, the key to picking the perfect fall wedding favor is finding something that fits the season and compliments your chosen color palette. Our signature autumn leaf-etched bottle is the perfect accompaniment for the fall season and oozes fall colors.

These large bottles of deliciousness are the best gifts for the wedding party or for guests of honor who contribute their time and resources to ensure you have the most stress-free wedding day possible. With their rustic charm and natural flavor profile, these unique favors will remind them to reminisce and enjoy life's biggest moments for many breakfasts to come.

 Our entire lineup of customizable and personalizable wedding favors.

8.45 oz. Maple Leaf- Wedding Party Favors

Wedding party favors are a special way to show your appreciation and gratitude for those who have helped make your big day so singular. From groomsmen to bridesmaids, these large tokens of appreciation are a luxurious gift to thank the people who were there by your side throughout the planning process, rehearsal dinner, and wedding day.

Not only do they look beautiful on the tablescape or tucked into gift bags for out-of-town guests, but a wedding party favor is also a great keepsake that reminds guests of honor about the long-lasting friendship and love that was shared on your day to remember.

 Our most extravagant and luxury wedding party favor is the 8.45 oz. maple leaf.

Give your wedding party, parents, in-laws, and other guests of honor a gift they'll truly appreciate with Carman Brook Farm's 8.45 oz. maple leaf wedding party favor. This stunning, eye-catching leaf stands head and shoulders above the medium (3.29 oz.) and smaller (1.7 oz.) sizes showcased above and is perfect for those who hold the highest positions of honor.

Just like the smaller leaf favors, you can add personalized quotes, dates, and names to each piece, but with this bottle, you have even more canvas to craft your message. The extra large scale of this bottle to hold a favor tag of any size make this bottle the ideal candidate for a long message or poem of your love.

Maple syrup is also incredibly shelf stable so you don't need to worry about ordering too early! Show your appreciation and gratitude through these unique and thoughtful wedding party favors.

Carman Brook Farm, where we harvest, evaporate, and bottle our maple syrup. Apparently we're bloggers now too.

In Conclusion- Searching for Wedding Favor Ideas can be Easy

In showcasing this list of wedding favor ideas it's probably become apparent that we're illustrating alternative ideas from the everyday items you see pollute your feed and internet search content such as personalized shot glasses, gourmet popcorn, or drinking glasses. We harvest, evaporate, and bottle our maple syrup completely on-farm from our sustainably managed sugarwoods, so you know you're getting a truly hand-crafted, top-shelf product.

You won't find any third-party products on this list, everything here is made in-house, we're confident that if more people knew that maple syrup could be a wedding favor they'd be a strong contender as a popular wedding favor idea for any couple.

Thanks for reading along, and I hope you learned about unique wedding options and the perfect favor for you or your loved one's big day. Whether a destination wedding or getting married in your hometown, maple syrup is a win-win. Sign-up for more wedding favor tips and tricks delivered to your inbox.

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