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Getting Married? Check out our party favors

Wedding favor quotes are essential to planning your theme.

Wedding Favor Sayings and Quotes

Everyone wants to score high marks in the memorable category for their big day, this goes without saying. You’ve worked hard coming up with color schemes, table décor, and venues, and lost sleep selecting the special people in your lives to share the most important day of your life with. Wrapping it up with a slogan will resonate with your guests for years to come as they fondly recall the memories of what is sure to be an all-time day. An inside joke or a play on your names is always a fun way to celebrate. However, if you're like the rest of us, you went to Google for a bit of inspiration, that might be how you found this blog!

What to write on wedding favors

Wedding favor quotes can simply thank you guests for celebrating with you.

From our experience, the most common text used for our maple wedding favors is the name of the bridal couple and the date of the event. However, we've been surprised by a wide range of clever quotes that left a smile on our faces. Wedding favors are used to personally thank your guests for attending the wedding and "branding" them with your names/date or message is a great way to do this. Additionally, hang tags are a beautiful, and in some cases, less expensive alternative for new couples to add their personal touch. If crafted attractively to fit your theme, and with a cute anecdote that describes your personality, it will surely be kept for years to come in a memory scrapbook. To learn more about why you need hang tags and other helpful hang tag intelligence, check out my blog, Hang Tags 101. This blog is more focused on the text itself, so read on if you're looking for ideas and inspiration!

Wedding favor quotes

A cute play on a wedding quote will keep your guests smiling for years to come.

Quotes and sayings are memorable words that express an idea or sentiment that sticks out in our minds. If you are very creative, you’ll be able to craft an unforgettable wedding slogan and turn it into a hashtag that can easily be copied to favors with the right tools. Though, if you're like us you'll spend a ton of time stressing out about it before looking for some inspiration.

We find it's really helpful if you can make a playoff of your names, the venue, where you met, or anything else that connects you as a couple. For example, my nephew married a woman whose last name was Moore. Their slogan, "One Moore Fortin", became the wedding hashtag, #onemoorefortin.

If you need inspiration, check out this blog with 40 hashtag ideas. You can also use a wedding hashtag generator by just putting in some details about you and your partner.

Sayings for maple favors

Absolutely anything can be engraved on a wedding favor as long as it fits the bottle you selected. Your slogan or hashtag can easily be transferred to any printable wedding favor item, like hang tags. I've compiled the list below that is perfect for any maple wedding favor.

  • Love is Sweet
  • Love Lots! Stay Sweet! Be Sappy!
  • Sweet Beginnings! Thank you for celebrating with us!
  • A sweet beginning
  • Love, Sweet, Love
  • Love is sweet
  • Enjoy a treat
  • A sweet thank you from us to you
  • Thank you for sharing with us
  • If I call you darling, will you make me pancakes
  • Thank you for making our special day as sweet as maple syrup.
  • A match made in sweet heaven
  • A sweet ending to a new beginning
  • Dripping with sweetness
  • You will forever be my sweetie
  • How sweet it is to be loved
  • Thank you for celebrating with us
  • A sweet thank you for sharing our special day with us
  • Hugs and Kisses from the new Mr & Mrs
  • Thanks for sweetening up our day

Be sure to share with us your hashtag on a maple syrup wedding favor.

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