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Everything you need to know about wedding hang tags.

Hang Tags 101

Everything You Need to Know about Hang Tags

Unless you've already started searching for the right hang tag, you wouldn't think that it merits a full blog. This Hang Tags 101 blog will help you understand why hang tags are popular, the purposes they serve, where to purchase them, and how to attach them to your party favors.

What are Hang Tags and why do you need them?

You need to add a hang tag to your wedding favor because it thanks your guests for attending.

Hang tags are those small, customizable tags that hang from a party favor at a wedding, banquet, or corporate event, they come in all colors, sizes, and shapes. What you decide to use will depend on your event theme, the size of the favor gift, and your personal preference.

The reason people like using hang tags on their guest gifts is that they thank them for attending your event and sharing on your special day. Also, it's a memento that could be placed in their wedding photo albums, used as a bookmark, and just ties the gift together.  

How to Customize your Hang Tag?

If you're having party favors at your wedding or special event, then you want to have hang tags that commemorate the special occasion. The hang tag typically includes the names of the bridal couple and the date at a minimum.

They can also include a thank you in the form of a personal message. They run the gamut and I've seen examples like: 

~Thank you for celebrating with us!~
~We are so happy you are here to share our special day!~
~It means the world to us to have you here!~

Other messages we've seen include reference to the sweet maple syrup from the favors and the importance of the day, such as:

~Love is Sweet!~
~Love Lots! Stay Sweet! Be Sappy!~
~Sweet Beginnings! Thank you for celebrating with us!~
~A Sweet Ending to a New Beginning. Thank you~

There are many wedding favor quotes and sayings. They can be a standard message or something unique you designed yourself.

Where can you buy hang tags?

There are almost as many places to buy hang tags as there are places to buy a gallon of milk. I'll list a few of the places that I've had great experiences with and that should get you started down the hang tag buying road.

If you haven't already discovered Etsy, let me introduce you. Etsy is a rapidly growing storefront for artisans to display their wares. This isn't a buy-and-resell site. If you are looking for really unique products handcrafted by people from around the world, Etsy is going to become your go-to for special items you can't find anyplace else.

My favorite hang tag maker on Etsy is KarlaBrownDesigns. Karla comes highly recommended with over 2,000 sales and a 5-star review average. Karla was kind enough to mail us hang tag leftovers for a recent photoshoot we did, check out our maple wedding favor collection page to see how they came out. If you purchase from her, be sure to let her know Carman Brook Farm sent you.

Hang Tags by Karla Brown Designs from Etsy displayed on maple syrup wedding favors.

If you're up against the clock, check out Evermine. They claim to have a fast turnaround time, being ready to ship within 2 days of your order being placed. That's a great turnaround time for a custom product!

What else they have are 80 styles of hang tags and each style has a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and fonts. For some, you can even upload your image. You'll spend more time on Evermine looking through their products than it will take for your products to arrive.

Wooden Hang Tags

Wooden thank you hang tags that are custom made.

Wasn't I surprised when I stumbled upon these really neat hang tags? Wooden hang tags are a thing! While researching this blog and trying to compile everything interesting about hang tags in one place I stumbled upon these beauties. WOW! I just love them. WoodEnvyDotCom offers the choice of bamboo, maple, walnut, and cherry. Maple wood would be a fitting companion to your maple syrup favors... just saying. She also does custom orders in many sizes. Spend some time reading through her item descriptions for yourself.

Heart shaped wooden hang tags will look beautiful on your maple syrup favor bottles.

Check out GuestBookStudio for additional options of wooden hang tags, they have a completely different style of offerings if you don't find what you're looking for with the other vendors. This item ships from a small artisan in Ukraine. Pay attention to shipping times in the description and be sure to order early. This vendor maintains a 5-star review with over 5,600 sales.

Can I make my hang tags?

Of course, you absolutely can. At the first mention of a DIY project, I'm the first to open up my Pinterest app and work the search bar. A DIY hang tag project is the best way to maximize the personal touch. It opens up the door to a million ideas. 

I will say though, that it does help when someone in the family or close personal friend has experience in cardmaking. Someone willing and able to help you come up with a prototype and plan if you're not very handy. Once you get the first one completed, the rest are easy because you'll simply be recreating the steps that you've already thought out.

StampinUp! sells quality card-making supplies that you can purchase online or from a local dealer. Search the Find a Demonstrator link in the home bar of their website. Thousands of different card stock designs are available, as well as cutting tools, ink stamps with sayings, and much, much more.

If you want a custom stamp with your names and dates, there are multiple places to make that purchase, too. The StampMaker or RubberStamps have plenty of variety in that department.

Other Helpful Tidbits

I've noticed that a lot of hang tags come with pre-punched holes that are way too small. I guess it is ok if you are just going to use a small string to loop around the neck of a bottle, but I'm finding that couples are looking to wrap up their theme with a festive bow and that doesn't always fit through the tiny hole. To fix this, simply use a paper punch and make a larger hole, you won't mess up the finish if you do it this way.

If the standard circle hole punch has you yawning with boredom, step it up with a really sweet paper punch at your local craft store. Punches now come in a variety of shapes and who doesn't love a heart for wedding hang tags?

It is also helpful to get your bows or ribbon together at around the same time you're assembling the hang tags. Tie up the perfect gift with my blog on Tying Bows on Wedding Favors.

Wrapping up Hang Tags

You won't be able to start planning your hang tags until you get your favors. Take a peek at our collection of maple syrup wedding favors. We've put everything you need to know about shipping wedding favors from our farm in one spot. Call us if you have any questions.

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