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Maple Brown Sugar


Maple Syrup Sugar

Our granular maple sugar makes a good replacement for cane sugar or cinnamon sugar in some recipes and is the perfect topper for hot buttered toast.

How Maple Sugar is Made

Maple Sugar is made by boiling the maple syrup to an extremely high temperature and then stirring quickly to reduce all of the water to form solid sugar crystals. It is then sifted for a consistent product.  The Carman Brook Farm Maple Sugar does not contain any preservatives.  The only ingredient is maple syrup. Maple Sugar is naturally gluten free and does not contain any dairy products.

Maple Sugar Uses

Maple Sugar is used in place of cinnamon or brown sugar as a topper for sweet bread and muffins.  Its delicious sprinkled over a bowl of hot cereal or on warm, buttered toast. A natural sweetener for coffee and tea as well as yogurt.

Store maple sugar in a cool, dry cupboard.