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Vermont gift basket filled with local products.
A quart of maple syrup for plenty of family breakfasts.
Select your favorite grade of maple syrup.
Pick the flavor of maple candy that is right for you.
The best creamy original roast peanut butter.
Local honey, coffee and cocoa fill out this thoughtful gift basket.
Family Basket

Family Basket


Country Breakfast Gift Basket

This big basket includes a lot of everything and free shipping. There are several days of breakfast as well as plenty of treats to share. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that this gift basket isn’t heavy on packaging material and light on actual product. There are more than enough treats for an entire family to enjoy. 

All the items in this maple gift basket are made in Vermont.

This item ships free to the continental US. To ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, additional charges apply.

Baskets/containers may vary.