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Maple Cream


Our maple cream is made with only one ingredient, maple syrup harvested from our farm's Vermont sugar woods in a sustainable manner. The only addition is a bit of expertise, temperature manipulation, and stirring. Our master maple cream maker is extremely fussy about unwanted sugar crystals forming and tainting the creamy texture our customers have come to know and love.

Are there any preservatives or other additives in maple cream?

Carman Brook Farm's maple cream does not contain any preservatives or additives. It also ships well, however it does require refrigeration upon receipt. It is not uncommon to find a bit of separation in the form of maple syrup on the top in a thin layer, have no fear, mix it back together and it'll be just like you remember. This separation isn't a character defect, it's an indicator that you have the real deal, unadulterated product.

How is Maple Cream Made?

Maple Cream is produced by boiling maple syrup to remove additional water content, cooling it quickly in the freezer, and whipping the syrup into a delicious creamy spread. Pretty simple, right? Our maple cream producer has a few tricks up his sleeve to prevent the soon to be cream from forming sugar crystals. Sugar crystals are a defect in cream that is indicative of improper handling techniques, something that we never accept (and fortunately don't see very often) and translates to a delicious finished product delivered to you.

Maple Cream is naturally gluten free and vegan, and does not contain any dairy products. “Cream” simply refers to the creamy texture. We've fielded many questions about this exact topic, this is a one ingredient product, nothing but maple syrup.

Watch our video showing how maple syrup changes as it's whipped to become maple cream.

The Maple Cream Flavor Choices

After our success with producing dark maple candy, a light bulb clicked... why not make maple cream with dark syrup? The first batch we produced was divine, I mean absolutely delicious. The thought was to cater to our customers who prefer a darker grade of maple syrup on their pancakes, waffles, or French toast. With that, we offer you the choice of the traditional light maple cream or dark maple cream. Traditional light maple cream is made with Amber Rich Taste Maple Syrup and has a delicate maple flavor. The dark maple cream is made with the Very Dark Strong Taste Maple Syrup and has a more intense maple flavor.

Maple Cream Uses

While consuming maple cream you’ll enjoy the velvety texture, similar to creamy peanut butter.  Anything that can be topped with peanut butter, butter, jams, or jelly can be spread with maple cream. It is delicious on sugar cookies, donuts, toast, bagels or muffins.  On our farm, maple cream has also been used to spread between two waffles making a breakfast sandwich when someone's on the run!