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Maple Cream


Carman Brook Farm's maple cream is a single-ingredient product made with pure maple syrup, temperature manipulation, stirring, and a bit of expertise. Despite the name, this delicious spread is dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan! Here are some of the amazing benefits of Carman Brook Farm's Maple Cream: 

  • A rich source of antioxidants
  • Natural sweetness without added sugar
  • Versatile product that can be used in many recipes
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan friendly
  • An easy-to-enjoy homemade treat for any occasion sourced from carefully selected barrels of Carman Brook Farm's best syrup of the season

Product Details

  • 10 oz. jar of our Carman Brook Farm maple cream
  • Available in two flavors; light and dark 

What is Maple Cream and How is it Made?

Maple Cream is a delicious and creamy spread made from maple syrup. It's relatively easy to make with just a few simple steps that result in an amazing product that can be used as a topping for desserts or enjoyed on its own. Maple cream is naturally gluten-free and vegan, containing only one ingredient - maple syrup! Let's learn how maple cream is produced, the techniques used to ensure it has the perfect texture, and why it's such an amazing treat.

To make maple cream, you first need to boil down pure maple syrup to about 22-24 degrees above the boiling point of water, depending on your atmospheric pressure and relative humidity this number moves around a little bit. This process removes additional water and also helps concentrate the flavor of the syrup so that it can be whipped into a smooth spreadable mixture later on. The boiled-down syrup must then be cooled quickly by placing it in the freezer for several hours or overnight; this step prevents sugar crystals from forming which would otherwise give your finished product an unpleasant grainy texture. Our cream specialist Jon has a particular dislike for grainy maple cream.

Once cooled, you simply need to whip up your boiled-down syrup until light and fluffy like buttercream frosting; this should take about 10 minutes using either electric beaters or a stand mixer. At this point, you have a delicious spreadable maple cream ready to enjoy! You can use it right away as a topping on desserts such as ice cream or yogurt, or you can fill in the middle of cookies just like almond butter would. The possibilities are endless and it's sure to be a hit at any gathering!

There's something so delicious about maple cream that everyone should experience it at least once in their life. Its creamy texture, satiating sweetness, and rich maple flavor make it hard to resist - and since it only contains one natural ingredient (maple syrup), you can feel good about indulging yourself without worrying about artificial flavors or preservatives. Plus, because it's vegan and gluten-free, maple cream can be enjoyed by almost everyone. So go ahead, make a batch of maple cream and enjoy the amazing flavors for yourself!

From boiling down the syrup to whipping up its creamy spreadable consistency, it isn't difficult to make your own delicious homemade maple cream. Not only does it have a unique flavor profile that is sure to please any palate, but it also contains no dairy or animal products so it can be enjoyed by all. Give this easy one-ingredient treat a try - you won't regret it! And once you've made your first batch of maple cream, experiment with adding different ingredients such as nuts or spices to create something truly special. Enjoy

Tips for Making Your Own Homemade Maple Cream Spread

Making your own homemade maple cream spread is a great way to enjoy the sweet, smooth flavor of maple syrup without all the calories. Not only is it quick and easy to make, but you can also customize it with your favorite flavors and spices. With just a few simple ingredients, you can create a delicious spread that’s perfect for spreading on toast or stirring into oatmeal. Below I'll provide a few tips from our team on making your own homemade maple cream spread so that you can enjoy its rich flavor any time!

  • Once cooked to the proper temperature of 234-236F, ensure you begin the cooling process as soon as possible.
  • The soon-to-be cream should have the texture and look of maple taffy with a brown color that looks similar to the syrup it was. Remember, the stirring is what produces sugar crystals which change the color to what you expect.
  • Mist water with a spritzer or spray bottle over the cream while it's cooling to prevent unwanted sugar crystals from forming while it cools.
  • Store your undisturbed maple cream in the freezer for a few hours or overnight until it is around 40F. Don't worry about temperatures colder than freezing, as the sugar content is high enough to prevent it from freezing into a maple syrup ice cube.
  • Don't constantly stick a thermometer in the product as each time you do you're inducing an unwanted sugar crystal to form. Be patient! If you let it sit overnight you don't have to even worry about taking its temperature.
  • I'd like to highlight this one more time as it's important: Don't disturb your maple cream until you're ready to stir it!
  • Refrigerate your finished maple cream in a container of your choice.
  • Don't reheat, as it will return to the consistency of thick maple syrup.
  • Separation is normal, just stir it back together before use and it'll return to its normal consistency.

The Maple Cream Flavor Choices

At Carman Brook Farm, we are proud to offer two delicious flavors of maple cream: traditional light and dark. Our traditional light maple cream is made from our Amber Rich Taste Maple Syrup and has a subtle, sweet maple flavor that pairs perfectly with warm breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, French toast, and more. Our darker version is made with our Strong Taste Very Dark Maple Syrup for a deeper, more intense maple flavor that can be enjoyed on its own or as an indulgent topping for your favorite desserts.

No matter which flavor you choose to enjoy, all of our maple cream products are crafted from carefully selected barrels of maple syrup we produced that year's season and then crafted into creamy perfection in our small-batch process. All of our maple cream is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and free of preservatives or artificial colors and flavors—just the way nature intended!

We hope you'll experience the deliciousness that only real Vermont maple syrup can provide when you enjoy one of our lusciously creamy maple creams. Whether it's light or dark—or both!—you won't be disappointed in the amazing taste these natural treats have to offer.

Maple Cream Uses

Maple cream is a delicious maple spread that can be used in many ways to add sweetness and flavor to your meals. It has a velvety texture, similar to creamy peanut butter, making it perfect for spreading on toast, muffins, donuts, or sugar cookies. You can also use maple cream as an alternative topping for waffles or pancakes. Plus, you can mix in flavors like cinnamon or other spices to make your own unique creations! One of the most underrated uses is a replacement for artificially produced frostings on your favorite desserts, check out our recipe blog for some ideas.

These are just a few ideas, we'd love to hear how you use maple cream in day to day life!