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Gluten Free Sea Salt Crackers


Best By: 5/30/22 They still taste wonderful, if you're looking for a deal on delicious crackers with a lot of crunch, we suggest you try these.

These delicious gluten-free and vegan crackers break the mold that you need to sacrifice taste and texture when selecting products that support your diet limitations. This is certainly not true for Onesto, as we're constantly dipping into our stockpile for personal use! The savory finish is capped off with just the right amount of pink Himalayan salt on each cracker. Pair these with Monti Verdi salami, Stony Pond Farm cheese, or a delicious Blake Hill fruit spread to fully experience the range of this cracker. No matter what you choose, having a box or two of these gluten-free crackers on hand is key!

As we've grown our Vermont sourced product collection, we were thrilled to learn about Onesto right here in our backyard from Bristol, Vermont. Onesto is committed to sustainable business practices, such as utilizing recycled materials, baking with solar energy, and using 100% recyclable packaging. These are all important to us here at our farm, so partnering with them was a no-brainer!

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