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Half Gallon of Maple Syrup & Pancake Mix


A half gallon of real Vermont Maple Syrup and a pancake mix of your choice for one price is a great value. This option includes our largest container of maple syrup, perfect for a family or someone who just doesn't like to run low on syrup!

Choose your desired pancake mix.

Select from Buttermilk, Blueberry, and Chocolate Chip pancake mix. We have also added an option of Cranberry Spice Muffin Mix for those who are looking for something else. For those shoppers looking for a vegan or gluten-free option, we over this exact product with a pancake mix tailored for the respective diet, follow the hyperlinks for more information.

Choose from two grades of maple syrup.

Our two most popular table syrup grades are Amber Rich and Dark Robust Taste. Read our blog on the subject of Vermont grades of maple syrup if you're unsure about which choice is right for you!

Upgrade to maple cream, candy, sugar, or a combination of two.

This box has just a bit more room, so take advantage of the freight savings and bundle it with your favorite maple goodies! Choose any single item to add, or a total of two to fill this box to the brim with your favorite maple products.

Free Shipping

No additional shipping charges. This item ships free to the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

As always amazing

Carol Shepherd
Our son in Colorado, Cam and his daughter made the pancakes right away and thought them delicious...

Hi I didn't see this set up just started typing..OOPS
Best Carol


Our family loves all CBF delicious maple products. Amber for pancakes, robust with plain yogurt. The sweetest syrup and family farm you will ever find with A+ customer service

Beverly Decatur
syrup and pancake mix

I always buy this package its great , the syrup is the best and the pancake mix comes with it , I get the buttermilk one my family loves it the blueberry is great also and it come with free shipping extra bonus well worth the value you will love it plus the family is so nice and friendly to work with you they will help you with any purchase and they let you know that they appreciate you.

Thanks Beverly! We appreciate getting a regular call from you!

Scott Dunkle
Best maple syrup ever!

The is the second time having this syrup and is consistently the best. We have purchased other syrups and we always regret it. I highly recommend this product; you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for the review Scott!