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Onesto Cinnamon & Sugar Cookie


New for the holiday season 2021, us at the farm are proud to partner with Onesto Foods and offer their vegan and gluten free cinnamon sugar cookies. Before the folks reading this content who don't prescribe to such diets balk, I conducted a wide sampling from an array of opinion holders. Unanimously, my vegan, gluten free, and otherwise disdaining friends loved these cookies, especially when I spread a bit of maple cream on top. I say this because gluten free and vegan food doesn't have to sacrifice taste, quality, size, and texture. Onesto's cookies have these qualities in spades!

Vegan Cookies

Onesto's Cinnamon & Sugar cookie's ingredient list isn't a mystery either, any layman can take a look and understand the parts that combine to make a delicious cookie. Jane at Onesto says that each small batch is hand-crafted in Bristol, Vermont with simple ingredients and free of preservatives. Over the past few months, with much back and forth, we think including a sustainable Vermont product like this in our store is a no-brainer.

  • 3 oz. Onesto Cinnamon & Sugar Cookie
  • Buy 6 and receive a 10% discount automatically.
  • Buy 12 and receive a 15% discount automatically.
  • Add a 10 oz. jar of light or dark maple cream to your order and frost these cookies in a manner they deserve!