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Engraved 8.45 oz maple leaf

Employee Gift Ideas

Deciding on the best products to reward your business's greatest resource, your employees, is often a tedious and time consuming process. A story we hear from our clients time and time again. Allow this blog to serve as a resource showcasing the types of products we offer. Otherwise, check out our corporate gift collection to get straight to the point! At any time you have more questions call or use the contact form at the bottom of blog.

Autumn Leaf for Employee Recognition

Autumn Leaf Employee Appreciation GiftAutumn Leaf Close Up

With prices for single units starting at $10.49 (contact us for bulk pricing options), this bottle of real Vermont maple syrup is easy to travel with and a joy to consume.  The beautiful autumn maple leaf bottle is our exclusive design, a perfect gift for clients and employees. This bottle pairs nicely with a pancake mix for a perfect gift box.

Split Leaf Holiday Gift Idea

 Split leaf maple syrupSplit maple leaf in both sizes

Starting at $13.50 per set, these two, half maple leaves in two grades can be ordered in 1.7 oz or 3.29 oz pairs. When presented in a clear acetate box, these make a wonderful welcome gift for your next conference or new employee hire. The two grades contrast each other perfectly in color and flavor. Bulk pricing is available for this package.

4 Pack Maple Sampler Employee Gift

4 Pack Maple SamplerShrink wrapped 4 pack maple sampler

Give the gift of choice with our 4 Pack Sampler starting at $25 a unit. Maple syrup is a unique luxury item that will put a smile on the face of your employees. The four different grades provide a chance to enjoy the contrast of colors while your taste buds can enjoy the contrast of flavors.

Quart of Maple Syrup and Pancake Mix 

Quart of maple syrup and pancake mixMaple Syrup over Pancakes

Starting at 29.99 with shipping included (additional pricing for bulk orders), this gift pack is perfect to welcome a new employee to the team. A quart of syrup is enough for many, many uses, sure to remind the recipient of your generosity and thoughtfulness for weeks to come. Visit our gifting collection page for a variety of size options and combinations, contact our corporate consultants to help and offer suggestions.

Maple Leaf Corporate Gifts for Employees

Engraved Corporate GiftMaple leaf in all 5 size options

Available in 5 different sizes, our maple leaf bottles are the perfect branded corporate, employee appreciation, or client gift. Filled with Vermont Amber Rich Taste Maple Syrup produced on our very own farm, this gift is sure to satisfy. Starting at $4.25, one of our team members is ready to help you settle on a size right for your needs and budget.

Bulk Conference Gifts for Employees

Conference Gallone FavorsMaple syrup employee gift

These glass bottles will add character and class as an accompaniment to a place setting at your next conference. Easy to ship in bulk and customize to your needs, consider maple syrup as a token of appreciation for your attendees. Starting at $3, give us a call for more options in bulk pricing.

Employee Appreciation Gift Basket Ideas

Gourmet Gift Basket

When your best assets go above and beyond expectations, they deserve to be recognized as such. Individually priced at $58.99 including shipping, this basket comes equipped with our five favorite maple products.

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