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This season send someone you love pancakes and maple syrup gifts.

Best Holiday Gifts of 2020

Going into the holiday season I wanted to showcase our seven most popular maple gifts. Holiday shopping can be a stressful task. What do you get someone who has everything? The guy on your list? Your sister’s family? At the Carman Brook Farm, we’ve made it easy to complete the shopping and spend your valuable time doing the stuff you really want to do. Once you find a consumable commodity like maple syrup, you can keep giving it year after year!

One thing you won't have to worry about when you shop at our farm, is that what you bought this week will be discounted next week. A pet peeve I have about big retailers is only having 12 hours to make a buying decision on a product before it disappears, looses its free shipping or the price goes up tomorrow. We're too busy getting the orders shipped and giving our customers the care needed to play the Black Friday/Cyber Monday games. It’s Maple Madness here daily.

1. Family Basket with Free Shipping

I want to start with the Family Basket. This basket is filled with maple goodies and food products that can be shared by the whole family. My husband and I raised 4 boys and I developed this basket because we received many food gifts over the years that fell short in the product department. Most had an excessive amount of packaging and little substance. Someone please tell me what I’m supposed to do with a 5 oz. can of blueberries, when I’m baking 3 dozen muffins? Or the package of chocolate cream candies with only 3 candies? Any gift that causes sibling rivalry over the holiday is not a welcomed treat. Why does the gift basket industry put all of their efforts into show?

Maple Family gift basket with lots of treats for the entire family.

Well, that won’t happen with any gift set you purchase from the Carman Brook Farm. The Family Basket contains food items in a quantity that can be shared throughout the holiday festivities. A quart of maple syrup and a pound package of pancake mix are the star attractions. The half-pound box of maple candy has over 22 pieces. The grownups can enjoy a pot of coffee and the kiddos have a full canister of the best cocoa from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. Maple cream, honey, jam, and peanut butter round out this basket in portions that will last longer than the holiday season. Of the 9 products, you have selection options on 3 items giving you more control over customization.

There are a variety of baskets and box sets available at different price points listed on our website, but the main attraction is that all of them have an abundant amount of product with minimal packaging.The entire line featured in this collection includes free shipping.

2. Gingerbread Man Syrup Bottles

Our Gingerbread Man syrup bottles are one my personal favorites. Glass jars filled with Amber Rich Taste/Table Syrup.  The Gingerbread Men are 8.45, 3.29 and 1.7 ounces. The smaller one makes a cute little package topper instead of a bow. We’ve also heard from folks that they make a great stocking stuffer or favor for your holiday gathering. They’ll decorate a table at your holiday party and make a great door prize for some lucky guests. An affordable, fun and delicious gift for service providers like your hairdresser, mailman, or teacher.

Gingerbread man glass bottles filled with real Vermont maple syrup for 2020.

3. Split Leaf Bottles in Two Grades

My son’s favorite bottle, and relatively new to our syrup lineup, the split leaf bottle available in two sizes, pairs of 1.7 or 3.29 ounces. Featured in two grades of syrup, Amber Rich, and Dark Robust Taste, they present a striking contrast to each other and are visually pleasing. Don’t fret about the awkward shape for wrapping, these come packaged in a clear acetate box for ease of handling. Receive an automatic 10% discount upon checkout when buying six or more shipped to one location, this offer can also be broken up between maple syrup in plastic, the glass autumn leaf, and the maple leaves in five sizes.

One of our best maple gifts is the split glass leaves in two grades.

4. Maple Syrup in Plastic & Glass Containers

There is no doubt that the most value comes when you purchase your maple syrup in plastic containers. As we stated above, maple syrup in plastic, the split leaf bottle, autumn leaf, and maple leaves in five sizes qualify for the automatic buy six discount of 10%. You won’t be limited to the same size or style of containers, or the grade of maple syrup. You decide how to mix and match to make a case. Once you hit 6, the savings continues on all the items in this category so long as they ship to one location.

The best deal forthe best maple syrup from Vermont is in plastic jugs.

5. Maple Clubs

I’ve been blessed with being the recipient of Wine of the Month Clubs (thank you to my son!), and the thing I liked the best was looking forward to and receiving a monthly gift long after the holidays were over. That is how The Carman Brook Farm Maple Clubs were developed. At this time, we offer 3 different maple clubs with 4 monthly mailings ranging in price from $84 to $159. Who doesn’t like looking forward to monthly packages of maple sweetness? Each club includes one each of the 4 grades of maple syrup in pints or quarts. The largest club includes a Carman Brook Farm t-shirt, other maple products from our sugarhouse kitchen, and a selection of Vermont Specialty Food products.

6. 4 Pack Maple Sampler

The next maple item that made this list is the 4 Pack Maple Samplers. Four individual, 3.29 oz., bottles filled with the different grades of maple syrup. We also feature this gift in a festive holiday box, with the pancake of your choice, here. This option is perfect for those folks new to Vermont maple syrup, or even those who like to experience the taste of a complete maple season, from the early season Golden Delicate to late season Very Dark Strong Taste. 

Send a gift with four grades of maple syrup from Vermont.

 7. EGift Card

We’d like to round out the list with the gift of choice. Sometimes it’s easier to give a gift card and let your recipient choose for themselves. Our cards are all digital and even if they are lost, we have the ability to resend the voucher to the purchaser. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees on checkout, so you’re really getting what you’re paying for.

Gift cards for gift giving from the Carman Brook Farm.

I hope this list provides an answer to any questions and provides assistance in your decision-making process. As always, a real person will answer your phone call. If you get the machine, leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. An email is also a great way to get an answer in the off hours, as I often answer quick questions throughout the evenings and the early mornings.

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