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Sweeten Mother's Day with a Maple Basket – Perfect for Every Mom!"

Spalted Maple Leaf Ornaments


Maple trees can live to be several hundred years old. That's why when his old maple passed on and the time had come to cut down the tree in his front yard, our friend who is an artist and woodworker, decided to give the tree another purpose by creating these maple leaf ornaments.

After harvesting, the old tree was kept wet for several months in old leaves until the wood naturally stained.  This process is known as spalting and brings out the striking grain highly valued by woodworkers.  He then cut it into boards that dried over time and then planing them to reveal the intense patterns in the woods.  Next, he used a laser to cut them into leaves.  Adding a tarnish resistant copper wire for hanging.

The whole process took almost a year to finish these unique pieces.  Each leaf is different and there are no two alike in the patterns.

Approximate dimension of the wood ornament (less copper wire) 2 1/2" h x 2 1/2" w


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