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Crab Apple Vinegar


Crab apple vinegar possesses more body, flavor, and character than traditional apple cider vinegar. Regular cider vinegar is produced using lower grade dessert fruit that you would typically buy at your local supermarket, whereas crab or wild apples are used in the production of crab apple cider. An apt comparison is wine and table grapes, wine grapes are selected for specific characteristics that translate to a finished wine that table grapes are unable to conjure. Using the right fruit for the job is imperative! Vermont Vinegars from Monkton, Vermont has been making premium vinegars, vinaigrettes, reductions, and marinades for years. We are proud to include them in this collection.

We originally included this product in our collection to complete our gluten-free and vegan salad kits. However, crab apple vinegar is an extremely versatile product, so we decided to include it as a stand-alone for those interested in including it with their maple purchases.

Maple Vinaigrette

Our Carman Brook Farm recipe blog has a maple balsamic vinaigrette that we have often sub apple vinegar for traditional balsamic vinegar to great results. For each order of this crab apple vinegar, we'll include a recipe postcard at no extra cost, so you can make it at home on your own. If you're interested, upgrade your order to include Alla Vita's Picual olive oil and our 8.45 oz. autumn leaf filled with Dark Robust maple syrup to make an authentic version of this recipe. All you need are the herbs!

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