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Useful Wedding Favor Maple Sampler

$3.75 Regular price $4.25

Product Details

  • 3.29 fl. oz. bottle.
  • Filled with Vermont Amber Rich Taste Maple Syrup.
  • Approximate Dimensions are 4 1/4″ high x 2″ wide x 2″ depth.
  • Sealed with a dark brown plastic safety cap.
  • This favor bottle has a round sticky label identifying the grade on the top of the cap.

Ordering Information

  • The Sampler favor ships within a day or two of placing your order, so you can expect it promptly.
  • Favor pricing is for a minimum of 24 maple syrup units.

The Sampler favor fits the bill for useful in spades. Whether your guests utilize them at your event on dessert or ice cream, or decide to take them home for a meal later on, you can be assured that it won't go to waste or be forgotten when they leave. Additionally, this favor is great for your guests who may have traveled in from abroad with only carry on luggage. Not only is the 3.29 oz. (100 ML) under the TSA regulation, but the plastic bottle travels in any luggage without fear of breakage. The only tradeoff of using maple syrup as your wedding favor of choice is that there won't be any left over when you pick up after festivities to put in your cupboard.

We've been in the business of shipping party favors for several decades and have compiled all the details and answered the questions about shipping and receiving your wedding favor order in one spot.

Practical Wedding Favors

In addition to the usefulness that the sampler favor provides, it is extremely practical for use with a custom hang tag. The handle of the jug provides an extremely versatile point to affix a hangtag. Our favorite small business who specializes in just this is Karla Brown, who designs a multitude of different styles, from rustic, elegant, to traditional. Check out her Etsy shop here. She also has styles for those who might want to use this favor for events outside of weddings. 

Maple syrup has a long shelf life, so you can order early and store it in its box until the big day arrives. Just make sure you have enough to sample and taste test beforehand!