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Sweeten Mother's Day with a Maple Basket – Perfect for Every Mom!"

Gluten Free Salad Kit


Our gluten free salad kit gift basket is a bit out of the ordinary, because it's missing the greens. However, we believe those are better sourced locally than through the mail! Instead, we've included what we like to call the "brick and mortar" ingredients. These include a beautiful classic wood woven salad bowl, and a set of tastefully embossed CB salad forks.

Gluten Free Salad Dressing

For years my mother, Karen, has been putting together her own custom salad dressing that we've been enjoying for a generation. When we decided to get creative in the gifts we offered on the website, it led us to research a bit more about gluten free diet restrictions and soon we realized her simple, homemade salad dressing was naturally gluten free!

We've included crabapple vinegar from Vermont Vinegars in Monkton, VT fermented with foraged wild apples. The wild apples transmit a better apple aroma and taste than the dessert apples used by most mass produced brands of apple cider vinegar; we're really fortunate to be able to include it here. We also found a great brand of olive oil out of Montpelier, VT called Alla Vita, which when emulsified together with a bit of Carman Brook Farm's dark robust maple syrup and herbs of your choice, leaves you with a unique and delicious salad dressing made from scratch. Top your salad with gluten free croutons from Olivia's Kitchen in Brandon, Vermont.

Contents of this Kit:

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