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January Clearance savings on Vermont maple syrup!

A half gallon of real maple syrup is a good amount for a family gift.
Five different sizes of Carman Brook Farm maple syrup sold in plastic containers
A quart of real Vermont maple syrup is a delicious gift.
Real Vermont maple syrup in pints is a good way to have all the grades of syrup on hand.
Half pints of maple syrup are gifts that allow you to spread the maple love.
The smallest size of Carman Brook Farm maple syrup, take the sampler to your favorite breakfast restaurant.
Real Maple Syrup
A quart of maple syrup from our family's sugarhouse.
Real Maple Syrup
Real Maple Syrup
Real Maple Syrup
Nutrition facts for maple syrup.

Real Maple Syrup


Best Maple Syrup

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup from our family’s maple sugar-house.  All the grades and all the sizes in one convenient location.

Get a discount

Buy any six Vermont maple syrup bottles, glass or plastic, that are not on sale and get an automatic 10% savings.  No need to remember a discount code, the discount automatically calculates at checkout.

Compare the Grades

All of the maple syrup grades under the current grading system are considered Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup.  Not only are they all produced with the same high standards as dictated by Vermont Maple Law, but our family has their own set of standards. Whether you are pouring syrup over a pancake or using it as an ingredient in a recipe, make sure you have the right grade for the job. Select the right grade for you by reading about the grades of Vermont Maple Syrup.

Compare the Sizes

There are five sizes of plastic containers filled with Vermont maple syrup.  Half gallons and quarts are a good size to keep in your refrigerator. Pints and half pints make good hostess gifts and thank you gifts.  Remember to get a handful of samplers to take to your favorite breakfast restaurant, if they don’t serve real Vermont maple syrup.