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Real Maple Syrup


**Sourcing inventory has been extremely difficult over the last several years and is ongoing. Currently, we are having difficulties restocking our plastic containers. Therefore, until we receive our order, some syrup sizes and grades will be sold in generic containers and not the Carman Brook Farm branded containers.**

Managed, harvested, and evaporated from the forest on our retired dairy farm, Carman Brook Farm's real maple syrup is produced on-site to ensure only the best product reaches the doorsteps of our customers. Real maple syrup is made from 100% tree sap, so if you're looking for a processed, corn syrup-based product like Mrs. Butterworth's or Pearl Milling Company (previously called Aunt Jemima), then you've come to the wrong place.

Browse our entire range of plastic containers filled with real maple syrup produced at our family's sugarhouse in northern Vermont. Select your preferred grade and size in one convenient location.  Our syrup is never blended, so the syrup you select was evaporated during a single day and represents a timestamp of whatever mother nature had in mind during that individual spring Vermont day. 

Maple syrup is naturally vegan, so it is a great sweetener for even the most restrictive of diets. 

Get a discount

Buy any six maple syrup bottles, glass or plastic, that are not on sale and get an automatic 10% savings.  No need to remember a discount code, the discount is automatically calculated at checkout.

Compare the Grades

All of the maple syrup grades under the current Vermont grading system are considered Grade A Maple Syrup.  Not only is our syrup produced with the same high standards as dictated by Vermont Maple Law, but we focus our efforts to operate in the most sustainable manner possible. Whether you are pouring syrup over pancakes, or using it as an ingredient in a recipe, make sure you have the right grade for the job. For more information on what grade of syrup is right for you, check out an in-depth analysis of the subject here: Maple Syrup Grades.

Compare the Sizes

Our real maple syrup is sold in five different sizes, meaning there should be an appropriate option for everyone. Half gallons and quarts are great for those who have a large family or use maple syrup as their go to sweetener. Additionally, these two sizes fit nicely in the door of your refrigerator, so you know it won't go bad. Pints and half pints fill a variety of needs, whether it's your first time trying maple syrup, or you need the perfect utility gift for any occasion. You can be sure that there is enough for multiple occasions. 

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