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Maple Brown Sugar


Maple sugar is an excellent replacement for ultra-processed white or brown sugar in your favorite recipe, and is a must have for people concerned with how their natural sweeteners are sourced. Interestingly, maple sugar is the original North American maple product. Prior to the colonist's arrival to the continent, Native American's harvested tree sap and expertly boiled the liquid down to a sugar form that stored well and lasted a long time. This process didn't change much with the arrival of colonists until modern advancements allowed for safe canning of food products, which spurred on the popularity of maple syrup as we know it today.

How is maple sugar made?

Maple sugar is made with a single ingredient, maple syrup. by boiling the syrup to an extremely high temperature and stirring quickly to reduce water content to form solid sugar crystals. It is then sifted for a consistent grain. Carman Brook Farm's maple sugar does not contain any preservatives. The only ingredient is maple syrup, maple sugar is naturally gluten free and vegan, just like it's parent product.

Using Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar is used in place of cinnamon or brown sugar as a topper for sweet bread and muffins.  Its delicious sprinkled over a bowl of hot cereal, or on warm buttered toast. Maple sugar can be substituted in any situation "traditional" sugar is called for, such as a natural sweetener for coffee and tea, as well as yogurt.

Product Description

  • 3 oz. shaker; or,
  • 1 lb. bag

Store maple sugar in a cool, dry cupboard.

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