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Is maple syrup gluten free?

Is Maple Syrup Gluten Free?

The short answer is that real maple syrup contains nothing but tree sap, and our maple sap here at Carman Brook Farm is harvested on-site from the sugarbush surrounding the fields of our retired dairy farm. Over the years society's understanding of gluten allergies has improved and folks have finally diagnosed their ailments. We've had many customers reach out about difficulties in finding alternatives to their favorite foods, namely pancakes and waffles. Maple syrup is a great natural and gluten-free product, but many of the traditional items we pour it over contain a hearty helping of gluten.

Sugar maple tree sap flowing into our sugarhouse in the spring time.

100% tree sap pouring into the sugarhouse in the spring.

What is gluten?

According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, gluten is a type of, "proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley". More importantly, gluten plays an important role in almost all of the baked goods you've come to love. The body and texture of your favorite bread, brownie, or pizza crust likely was produced by the function of gluten in the dough. 

It's also important to note that gluten is not necessarily bad for you. Gluten has and continues to play an important function in producing delicious food. However, people with Celiac disease and other gluten allergies experience adverse reactions to their gastrointestinal system and should avoid these foods.

Gluten free French toast dipped into maple syrup is the perfect brunch treat.

Gluten-free French toast sticks are a great brunch treat.

In Conclusion

If you have a dietary restriction, it's important to know what your food contains. We go a bit above that here at the farm, we want to know what all our food contains and where it comes from regardless of dietary needs. With that in mind, we've partnered with local producers we trust and have segmented our online store to separate not only our gluten-free collection but also vegan and traditional options as well.

Our sugarhouse only produces products made from 100% pure Vermont maple syrup, with no added ingredients. Our facility does NOT have a nut or gluten-free certification; however, we do go to great lengths to ensure our production space and ingredients do not come in contact with allergens. If you have any questions, please contact us through our contact information tab above.

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