Bulk Maple Syrup

5-gallon-pail-webBulk Maple Syrup

Bulk maple syrup purchases can be made at the Carman Brook Farm.  There are several different types of bulk orders depending on the purchaser’s needs. Whether you need a barrel, pail or a large quantity of the same items, its the same great tasting maple syrup.  We don’t change anything because of the container size.

Barrels of Maple Syrup

If you need a 40 gallon barrel of maple syrup, you will need to  call the sugarhouse at 802-868-2347. We have barrels of syrup in all the grades.  What you need to know about buying a barrel of syrup is that it is sold by the pound.  Once we selected the barrel that we would sell to you, we would weigh it and then subtract the weight of the barrel.  You would be billed the current rate of barrel syrup and charged for the freight shipping.

Five Gallon Pail of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is fast becoming a favorite as a natural food sweetener for baking and cooking. Home chefs, brewers and food producers can purchase a five gallon pail of maple syrup online. The pails are lined with a food grade plastic liner and pour spout. The cover does not have an opening for the pour spout, but one can easily be cut into the cover.  After opening, the syrup needs to be stored with refrigeration. A freezer is a good place to keep maple syrup as it won’t freeze to a solid. The plastic bag, when you get to the end, can be hung upside down allowing you to get every last drop and reducing shrinkage.  At any given time we have a variety of pails in different grades.  If you don’t see the grade you want to day, it may be there tomorrow.  You can easily make your order online for a five gallon pail, shipping will be added to your order.

Bulk Maple Syrup Favors

courtney_filling-webIf you’re having a party or event and need a lot of bottles for favors, our Vermont maple syrup wedding favors are already discounted for bulk purchases.  You can easily place your order online and select from a large variety of styles.  Several bottles are available to be engraved to personalize your gift.

Bulk Maple Syrup Containers

There are a lot of plastic and glass containers on our website. Way too many to list in bulk and at the different quantity levels. Some customers want plastic pints, quarts or half pints and some want glass maple leafs or etched marascas.  Every customer’s maple syrup needs are different depending on the situation that they are making a purchase.  We are more than happy to help you get high quality maple syrup products delivered to you.  Email us at customerservice@cbmaplefarm.com or call us at 802-868-2347 and toll free at 802-84-MAPLE (6-2753).