gift basket with Vermont Farmgirl pancake mix

Vermont Pancake Mixes

Keeping Vermont pancake mixes in supply is one of my biggest headaches! I’ve switched them up and gone with different companies over the years. The problem is supply to meet the demand.  If I advertise one brand of pancake mix, someone orders it, then its not available from a distributor. That’s a real headache for me. Here’s how we’re going to remedy the pancake mix dilemma.

What are we doing for Vermont Pancake Mixes

The Carman Brook Farm is going to offer flavors of Vermont pancake mixes.  There are several Vermont pancake mix companies that are excellent, but they have a lot of issues with supply and demand.  I mean, I order them and they just aren’t always available.  I’m constantly changing out images and descriptions online and then it still isn’t the correct information. If you order a flavor of pancake mix, it’s going to be one of the following excellent mixes that you receive in a gift package.

gift basket with Vermont Farmgirl pancake mixesVermont Farmgirl Pancake Mixes

Vermont Farmgirl Pancake Mixes was the first pancake mix we offered at the Carman Brook Farm. The packaging and brand appeal is all Vermont. The Vermont Farmgirl is as sweet as sweet can be.  They offer Buttermilk, Blueberry or Spiced Apple.  They are all delicious and you won’t be disappointed. Around the holidays they package a Flapjack Waffle mix.  It can be used for both pancakes and waffles in a fun, festive package.

King Arthur Flour Vermont Pancake Mixesking arthur flour Vermont pancake mixes

Kind Arthur Flour is always my personal favorite because, well, I just love King Arthur Flour products.  Lately, they have made it harder and harder for me to get their products for resale. Not unlike other well known Vermont companies. I can’t go to the warehouse in Norwich, Vermont, to pick up as this apparently is against new policy.  Something about the health department, their insurance, blah, blah, blah.  I have to order from a distributor and the wholesale price is real close to the retail price.  Here’s yet another Vermont company that is NOT small  business friendly.  If I can get it, I’ll offer it, again, because I love King Arthur Flour products.

cook in the kitchen and gormly's Vermont pancake mixesCook in the Kitchen Vermont Pancake Mixes

Another great pancake mix.  Tastes great and super easy to put together. Just add water.  A nice package presentation and you’ll enjoy every flavor.They offer Buttermilk, Blueberry or Apple and Spice.

Gormly’s Vermont Pancake Mixes

Occasionally, we’ll substitute with Gormly’s brand.  Besides being yet another good quality pancake mix, it’s a big package of mix.  At 1.5 pounds compared to all the other packaging of 1 pound, this is a good buy.

What this means to you

Regardless of the pancake mix that arrives in your gift box or basket, it will be another great tasting, quality product from Vermont.  The most important part of great pancakes is great Vermont maple syrup!

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