Sugarwoods Project

The sugaring season may be short and sweet, only covering 3 to 6 weeks of production during the year in early spring, but this does not mean that our work is done. This summer, 2014, we decided to take down a portion of our maple sap line that covers roughly 2,000 taps and is 13 years old. The new lines will allow for a better quality sap and more quantity of sap.

sap line take downThis is slow going manual labor of cutting the tubing, rolling it up and dragging it out of the woods. Once this is completed, a logging crew will be hired to thin out the woods and cut to favor our highly valued maple trees. The farm has a written ongoing Forest Management Plan that has been updated three times in the last 25 years. The plan is a tool utilized for these types of projects to maintain a healthy, sustainable woods and a strong wildlife habitat.


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