Sugaring 2015


Beautiful winter sunset over Lake Champlain taken while headed home from building maple pipeline

Beautiful winter sunset over Lake Champlain taken while headed home from building maple pipeline

For us, the sugaring season 2015 started in the summer of 2014, when we took down sap lines for 2,000 taps that we built in 1998 and 1999.  These were the first taps of our sugaring enterprise and it was bittersweet to see them go but they were well past the recommended life of 10 years.

Loggers came in while the taps were down and the woods were accessible for some much needed logging.  Our Forest Management Plan was implemented in the cutting of selected species for the overall health of the woods including invasive species and releasing young sugar maple trees.  About 60 cords of wood was harvested and split to be used in the new wood boiler.


Getting pipeline where you need it to be in the woods.

During the bitter cold of January and February, our team worked diligently 7 days a week rebuilding the saplines. Four miles of mainline was laid and 7.5 miles of lateral lines.  The 2,000 taps turned into 2,200 with new trees being picked up because of growth over the last 15 years.  A full photo album of pictures is on our facebook page,

On our farm our caves that are a part of the heritage of the local Abenaki of Missisquoi.  The boys couldn’t help but stop and take pictures of the beautiful ice formations inside the cave.10405553_10205921161808980_2399926137590327664_n

I will be updating the weekly syrup production and any other news about our sugaring season weekly, so come back and visit again.  Ask your questions in the comment section below.

March 27th – The sugaring season is off to a steady start, at least for us.  We’ve always said that we live in the banana belt of Franklin County, VT.  There is about 6 feet of frost from a very cold winter.  This is good because the trees will not wake up quickly. We made our first syrup on March 11th and have boiled 8 different days.  So far we’ve made 25 barrels and some very flavorful Golden Delicate Taste and Amber Rich Taste syrup.

Tomorrow, we’ll be serving up sugar-on-snow to any visitors who come to spend some time boiling with us.

April 6th – Since the last report of March 27th we have boiled every day.  We’re still making a good light syrup with a nice light flavor to match.  We started boiling late on Easter Sunday and had a lot of company during the afternoon.  It was a beautiful day for a walk through the sugarwoods.

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easter 2015 dan n parker

Boiling and Babysitting

IMG_0051 cr 1

Sap lines


Turning on the evaporator


Bluebird day to be boiling

easter tuc 2015

Easter Sunday fun and games

easter 2015 sh

Miles of pipeline


First sugar on snow


Wild leeks in the sugarwoods

image (1)

Barrel samples


Stepping out to enjoy the sun

evap 2015
























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