Wedding Favors

At the Carman Brook Maple Farm we capture the natural sweetness of pure Vermont maple syrup in a unique line of glass bottles.  The favor bottles in the Wedding Favor catalog are priced for minimum quantities ordered of 25.  Quantity adjustments can be made in the shopping cart checkout. Most bottles can be engraved. If you have questions or inquiries, contact our wedding specialist.

Maple Candy favors can be purchased in pound and half pound boxes for repackaging in your own container or boxes. Our pure maple candy comes in light, mixed and dark flavors. The light candy is made from Golden Delicate Taste Maple Syrup and the dark candy is made from the Dark Robust Taste Maple Syrup.  A variety of shapes are also available to enhance your wedding theme.  To see the shapes and how many pieces to a pound, visit our Maple Candy Chart. We do offer some individual serving candy packages.

If your wedding date is more than 2 weeks from your order date, please fill out our Wedding Favor Contact Form and we will contact you to discuss the best time to ship your order.

Maple is a part of Vermont’s beginnings and naturally is the perfect selection for your new beginning. Your guests will appreciate the sweetness of the syrup and your thoughtfulness.

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3D Maple Leaf Favor

The 3D effect of this unique bottle filled with Amber Rich Taste Maple Syrup is from the raised maple leaf veins on opposite sides of the glass. This item is available for engraving.


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Basque Favor

An elegant nip of Amber Rich Taste Maple Syrup fills this party favor.


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Bellolio Favor

The distinct style of the Bellolio with its round curves fits nicely with any place setting as a party favor.


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Bordo Favor

The elongated Bordo sports a raised maple leaf emblem as well as a gold shrink cap.


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Box of Maple Candy - Pound/Half Pound Favor

Maple Candy Wedding and Party Favors by the pound or half pound. Choose from a variety of flavors and shapes.

from $9.00

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Carman Brook Farm Signature Bottle Favor

A delightful presentation of one of our country's oldest comfort foods the farm’s Signature Bottle is available in four grades of syrup. This bottle can be engraved.


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Champagne Favor

Its long neck will beautifully showcase embellishments of ribbons, bows and hang tags.


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Dorica Favor

A cylindrical shaped bottle filled with Amber Rich Taste Maple Syrup.


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Elegamant Favor

The roundness of the Elegamant is accentuated with a ring of raised maple leafs around the bottom of the bottle. This bottle can be engraved.


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Gallone Favor

This stocky little bottle is a sweet little nip of Amber Rich Taste Maple Syrup.

from $2.40

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Gingerbread Boy Favor

With a big smile and bowtie this little guy will brighten up any table or festivity.


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Maple Candy Bride or Groom Favor/1 to a package

.75 oz. box of maple candy with our sugarhouse label on the back, leaving space for your personal touch on the front of the box.


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Maple Candy Civil Union Favor

Maple Candy Brides or Grooms


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Maple Candy Groom & Bride Favor

Maple Candy Brides and Grooms packaged together.


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Maple Candy in Double Dome Packs

Maple candy leafs and snowflakes in a double dome pack.


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Maple Candy Single Dome Packs

Maple Candy in single packages.


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Maple Leaf Favor

This maple leaf shaped bottle boasts raised veins on one side of the bottle. The other side is smooth and can be engraved.


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Nip Jug Flavor

A traditional looking jug of maple syrup filled with Amber Rich Taste or Dark Robust Taste Maple Syrup.


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Passion Heart

This sleek designed, elegant heart shaped bottle adds an extra touch of sentiment on your special occasion. This bottle can be engraved.


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Tarquina Favor

A lovely oval shaped bottle with an eloquently raised maple leaf laying over the shoulder of the bottle. This bottle can be engraved for personalization.


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