Save 10% on Vermont Maple Syrup

Save 10% on Vermont Maple Syrup

Customers can save 10% on Vermont Maple Syrup containers from our online store.  You can stock up on syrup for the family while picking up a few gifts and still get the discount.  We’ve added a lot of flexibility in the selection process for a case discount.  You pick 6 or more maple syrup items from the maple syrup category and receive the discount.  Oh yeah, and there’s no code to remember, the cart will automatically calculate the discount for you.

Types of Containers

All the plastic and glass containers in the Vermont Maple Syrup category as listed below are available to receive this discount. Simply select a minimum of any 6 combination of containers and add them to the shopping cart.

Sizes of Containers

There are many sizes of containers in the category and any grouping of 6 or more sizes qualifies for a 10% discount on Vermont maple syrup.  No need to order the same items, when your gift giving may call for different tastes and styles for different folks.

Grades of Containers

The 10% discount on Vermont Maple Syrup applies to the different grades. If you’re shopping for home, you can get all the maple syrup grades.  No need to order every container in the same grade and size anymore, when there is so much variety available.

How to Apply the 10% on Vermont Maple Syrup

You don’t need to do anything to get your 10% Discount on Vermont maple syrup other than filling your shopping cart with 6 or more items from the Vermont maple syrup category.  No promo codes or logging in, every time you place your order for 6 or more qualifying containers of maple syrup your discount will automatically be calculated in the shopping cart at checkout.

Advantages of Ordering in Larger Quantities

Ordering more containers saves shipping costs in the long run.  The most expensive pound to ship is the first one.  After that the cost of shipping goes up very little for each additional pound.

Never get caught without a hostess gift or thank you gift again.  Maple syrup has a very long shelf life and you can always have a supply of decorative bottles on hand without fear of spoilage.

Let’s face it, realizing that you ran out of maple syrup on Sunday morning after the pancakes came off the griddle is not going to please the brunch crowd. Keep those pantries stocked and save on real Vermont maple syrup.

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