me and my dog, Primos paddling the Rock river

Rock River Paddle

I really enjoy a Rock River paddle. There are plenty of places I can paddle within 15 minutes of my home, but none quite as spectacular and close as the Rock River.  This portion of the river has so little traffic, its virtually undisturbed.  That’s one of its greatest attractions for me and you feel like you’re in a South American jungle.

My dog, Primos, enjoying a rock river paddleA Quick Drive and Quick Paddle

I literally can leave the Carman Brook Farm and drive to the Rock River boat launch next to Missisquoi Bay in five minutes.  Ten minutes later, me and one of my dogs are paddling away.  This makes it a quick paddle before work or after a late work day.

A Rock River paddle is good for under 3 miles. It depends on the latest tree that fell across the river and the depth of the water. By mid summer, you really can’t get that far upstream.

That’s my dog, Primos, enjoying the sights on our latest adventure.

Breathtaking Canopyme and my dog, Primos paddling the Rock river

The first leg of the paddle is open sky on both banks. I’ve paddled a lot of rivers and I can’t think of another tree canopy that displays like the Rock River.  My favorite time to paddle is during the Golden Hour.  When the natural light is filtering between the trees and the canopy reflects on the calm river’s surface. I’ve inserted some canopy pictures below of the same shots rotated 45 and 90 degrees.

Rock River Creatures

The Rock River hosts all the wildlife you’d expect to see.  Songbirds of the marsh, geese, ducks, osprey and grey herons.  Occasionally, a beaver will be seen or heard whacking his tail because you’ve intruded in his space.  Last year, in the early spring, I was a little nervous when the biggest turtle I’ve ever seen quietly swam by under boat.

rock river canopy flipped 90 degreesrock river canopy

Rock river canopyrock river canopy 45 degrees

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  1. Very fortunate to have the beauty of the river and surrounding creation made by the hand of God. A place to get away before one starts for work or after! Thank you for sharing your adventurous life besides working at Carman Brook Farm. As a part time photographer either time would be great!

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