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Reinventing Maple Cream and Maple Candy

Maple cream and maple candy, with a little patience, can be reinvented while keeping a pure and natural maple product using only real Vermont maple syrup.  At the Carman Brook Farm we are always looking for new ways to reinvent traditional maple recipes. After realizing that our customer’s tastes for maple syrup took in all the grades, it sparked an idea. What if, we made maple candy and maple cream with a darker grade of syrup?

Maple Candy

Maple Candy and Maple Cream are traditionally made with the lightest flavored and colored maple syrup. The Golden Delicate Taste is the grade sugarmakers have been using for years to produce these maple confections.  For the maple syrup to set up after the proper cooking and cooling procedures it must have the right amount of natural invert sugar.  The best levels of invert sugar are consistently found in the lighter grade of syrup.

Pouring maple candy

Very Dark Strong Taste Maple Candy being poured out of the candy machine.

Using the natural invert sugar that was found in our maple syrup we attempted to make a darker maple candy.  After a little trial and error we finally made a very consistent, good tasting Dark Robust Taste Maple Candy. The new candies have a much more full bodied maple flavor and the color contrast, when combined with light candy, is stunning.

candy dark light leafs

You can order these candies from our online store in light, mixed and dark candy in a 1/2 lb or a 1 lb box.  For special occasions and holidays you can order select shapes to fit in with the party theme. We’ve provided a chart of the various shapes of maple candy and how many to a pound.

Very Dark Strong Taste Maple Cream spread on Blueberry Pancakes.

Very Dark Strong Taste Maple Cream spread on Blueberry Pancakes.

Maple Cream

After our success with making the dark candy a light bulb turned on….why not make maple cream with dark syrup. We made the first batch and it was divine.  I mean it was delicious. Just like the maple candy, maple cream is available in light and dark grades in both the half pound and pound containers from the maple products category of our online store.

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