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Bulk Vermont Maple Syrup | 5 Gallon Pail


Bulk Maple Syrup

A great buy for home chefs, professionals, and food producers. If you seek maple syrup in bulk, a 5 gallon pail of maple syrup is right for you. Just remember that once opened, maple syrup needs to be stored under refrigeration. The pails are lined with a food grade plastic liner and pour spout. Please note that the lid does not have a bung.  However, one can be cut through the center of the lid if needed. 

Produced with the sap collected from maple trees on our farm, it is pesticide and formaldehyde free, contains no preservatives, artificial flavorings or colors. Maple Syrup is naturally gluten free and vegan. You can feel good about using our family's Vermont maple syrup in whatever myriad of uses you may require.

Check out our blog on the grades of maple syrup for more detail on which is best for you.


Maple Syrup Volume Considerations

When we package our 5 gallon pails, we fill to a specific weight to ensure each container is filled to the proper amount. The US Department of Agriculture specifies a gallon of syrup as weighing 11.02 lbs. However, by our calculations at 67 brix, a gallon of syrup would weigh 11.35 lbs. and this is the figure we fill our containers to. When deciding to use your pail to fill smaller containers, consider using a measuring cup and verifying exactly how much volume the smaller vessel holds. In our experience, most plastic containers (1 gallon, 1/2 gallon, quart, pint, etc.) hold much more than their billed volume. For example, our 1/2 gallon containers hold nearly a 1/2 pint more of syrup in each container than 1/2 a standard US Gallon. As a rule of thumb, we expect about a 7% shrinkage when canning from our 55 gallon bulk storage containers, and suspect this would hold true for those canning at home from our 5 gallon pails.