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Special Valentines day gift boxes available now!

Our gold box filled with maple leaf candy comes in two flavors.
A beautiful gold gift box filled with real Vermont maple candy.
Sixteen leaves made of real Vermont maple candy.
Mixed maple leaf candy in a gift box.
Snowflake shaped maple candy is vegan free and made of real Vermont maple syrup.
Two different flavors of maple in these snowflakes that are pure maple candy.

Maple Candy Gift Box


Maple Sugar Candy

This box of pure maple candy leaves comes in light, mixed or dark flavors. The light candy is made from Golden Delicate Taste Maple Syrup and the dark candy is made from the Dark Robust Taste Maple Syrup.  For a variety, try a box of both the light and dark candy for a mixed box of maple flavor.

Our maple candy is naturally gluten and free and made with just maple syrup.

Net wt. 5 oz/16 pieces