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Halloween maple candy... reserve your box now

Halloween jack-o-lanterns, witches, cats and ghosts maple candy.
Maple candy pound box of halloween shapes.
Vegan maple candy pound box with pumpkins and witches.
Pumpkins, witches, ghosts and cats made of maple candy.
Golden delicate taste halloween maple candy.
Half pound box of mixed maple flavor halloween candy.
Half pound of gluten free maple candy in halloween shapes.

Halloween Maple Candy by the Pound


Halloween Candy Treats

Vermont Maple Candy is handmade in small batches from our family’s sugarhouse kitchen.  Halloween maple candy is packaged in 1 lb and 1/2 lb boxes. The maple candy boxes are filled with witches, ghosts, cats, pumpkins and leaves for trick or treat. The Carman Brook Farm Maple Candy does not contain any preservatives and his naturally gluten free.

How Maple Candy is Made

Maple Candy is made by boiling the maple syrup to a high temperature followed by a slow, gradual cooling process in the way that the syrup is stirred.  Similar to making fudge, the stirring of the liquid until the shine is gone is what causes the small sugar crystals to form and the syrup to set up in the molds. The only ingredient is maple syrup.  Maple Candy is naturally gluten free and does not contain any dairy products.

The Maple Candy Flavor Choices

We offer you a choice not found at any other sugar-house that we are aware, of the traditional light maple candy or dark maple candy. Traditional light maple candy is made with Golden Delicate Taste Maple Syrup and has a delicate maple flavor. The dark maple candy is made with the Dark Robust Taste Maple Syrup and has a more intense maple flavor.  For a variety, try a mixed box of both the light and dark candy.

Net wt. 1/2 lb or 1 lb