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Discount Products

$3.75 Regular price $6.50

Occasionally, we have a few of these and a few of those that slipped past their best buy dates.  If it doesn't bother you and you want to save a bit of money, we'll keep you posted here.

Shipping Considerations

We always mention to people when discussing shipping that the first pound is the heaviest, and recommend spreading the shipping costs among a few different products than one package.

***A note from Carman Brook Farm***

Lately, our cookies have been arriving from the supplier with a best buy date that only has a few weeks left. Hopefully, this is alleviated as supply chains catch back up. Otherwise, my children and grandchildren will continue to eat an abundance of maple cream cookies.

Turkey Hill Chocolate Maple Cream Cookies - Best Buy 03/30/21

Peanut Butter - Best Buy 8/31/20