A New Way to Heat


Daniel and new furnace after unloading from the delivery truck.

In October we made the decision to buy a wood gasification furnace that would heat our home, the sugarhouse and the hot water used for the dairy.  We have an ample supply of wood and are hoping our fuel oil usage would be dramatically reduced.  With the new unit we committed to erect a building to house it, the wood and some additional work space that we’ve needed for some time.

The furnace is a wood gasification boiler.  Once the fire is going it sucks the smoke down into the system and gasifies it to create more energy.  Steam is emitted from the stack and not smoke.  A clean way to make energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re using an old 5,000 gallon bulk tank that has been refitted with copper coils as a heat exchanger.  After several weeks of plumbing in the boiler is ready for use.

Peter Watson hooking up the boiler to the tank we're using for a heat exchanger.

Peter Watson hooking up the boiler to the tank we’re using for a heat exchanger.

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