Spring’s Work

We are finally able to get on the fields and do field work by the first week of May. Not all the fields were passable and some fields had wet spots. Determination is the only way that the work finally got finished. It was mid June before all the corn was planted, an activity that is usually completed by May 25th.

cow pasture_3A big effort was put into the fences around the pastures. They were fixed and deemed ready for animals, the bred heifers and dry cows were let out to pasture on the target date of May 15th . Once outside they had plenty of lush grass to eat after all the rains of the spring.

hoof trimming

The hoof trimmers arrived during May and all the girls got a pedicure. Overgrown hoofs are uncomfortable and twice a year the hoof trimmers services are needed. Hoofs grow like human fingernails and if they aren’t worn down, they need a little trimming.



hoof trimming_2

With so much rainwater to contend with, we certainly didn’t need a broken water pipe underground. Fortunately, a crew was hired and the problem was quickly resolved.

waterline fixing_2

We picked up chicks at the hardware store in town. Twelve new laying hens, buff orpingtons, and 8 meat birds came in the first week of May. Three weeks later another batch of 8 meat birds arrived. All these birds are for our personal use and we are not starting a commercial chicken or egg business! Living on a farm presents a lot of opportunity to grow, produce and make your own food.

We commissioned the building of a chicken coop and look forward to its delivery later this summer. We had an old wagon on wheels, a few cedar logs and some building supplies to take over to the builder. Can’t wait to see what we’ll have for a new coop.

In the sugarhouse syrup was canned to get ready for the beginning of the summer touring season. Group tours began Memorial Day Weekend. We continued to work diligently on our website content to meet our production deadline. An overall of the sugarwoods pipeline system began. Old sap lines covering 2,000 taps are being taken down and next some timberwork will be completed in the woods before putting up new lines this fall. Read about the Sugarwoods Project in our Farm Fresh News.

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