finished maple apple waffle sundae

Maple Syrup Apple Waffle Sundae

The Maple Syrup Apple Waffle Sundae recipe morphs from complex to simple in my kitchen.  I originally got this recipe from Dishing Up Vermont by Storey Publishing.  The cookbook is a compilation of recipes from around Vermont.  The Birds Nest Inn in Waterbury Center shared the original recipe that I started using and they call it Maple Apple Waffles with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.  The warm apples, cinnamon, maple and vanilla all pair well together. The crispy waffle adds a nice crunchy texture.

Here’s my version of the original with my hints and tips.

maple syrup, apples, ben and jerry's ice cream and waffle mix

Maple Syrup Apple Waffle Sundae

To make the apple mixture:

2 Tablespoons Butter
1/4 Teaspoon Cinnamon
4 Medium Apples, peeled, cored, and cut into thin wedges
1/2 cup CBF Maple Syrup, your preferred grade

In a good sized skillet, melt the butter,  add the cinnamon and a couple tablespoons of the maple syrup. When the mixture starts to boil, add the apple slices and toss. Cook for about 5 minutes until the apples start to soften while occasionally tossing.

The Birds Nest Inn had a very lengthy recipe for the waffles. I’m sure its a wonderful recipe. When I want a sundae its generally during the summer and its hot. I don’t want to mess around with separating eggs, beating whites and folding them in to the batter. That always creates more dirty dishes and I don’t need that. I used King Arthur Flour Pancake mix because its what I had on hand

Save some time by making a big batch on the weekend when you’re having waffles for breakfast. I always made a quadruple batch when the kids were home. I put them in freezer bags and popped them in the freezer until someone popped them in the toaster later in the week.

Assembling the Maple Syrup Apple Waffle Sundae

  1. If you made the apple mixture earlier and had it in the fridge, warm the apples in the microwave.
  2. Put a waffle in the toaster until the outside is crisp.
  3. On a plate set the waffle and top with some of the apple mixture
  4. Put a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream on the apples.
  5. Drizzle some maple syrup.
  6. Top with whipped cream and a cherry.  Nuts are optional.

Make this Recipe Your Ownfinished maple syrup apple waffle sundae

You don’t have to use apples. Use any fruit that you enjoy. I really like using fruits that are heading to the compost pile soon. This is a good way to use them up.

Make your waffles from a package mix on the weekend and freeze for later.

Use the ice cream you have on hand. Vanilla goes with everything, but what if you have raspberries or strawberries. Then a chocolate chunk would be perfectly appropriate to pair with the berries. Keep an open mind about fruit and ice cream.

Always use the grade of maple syrup you enjoy the most.

Use your favorite sundae toppings. That’s an endless list, but you all have a favorite.

Share Your Variations on this Recipe

I want to hear what you did differently. Please share your comments and ideas.


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