maple candy fish and seashells plated on table

Maple Candy Fish and Seashells

Maple candy fish and seashells are a perfect fit for beach and tropical events. Beach themes are popular with children for birthday parties, too. I’m going to cover everything you need to know about our maple candy fish and seashells.

Maple candy fish and seashells in bagsHow to Buy Maple Candy Fish and Seashells

Buy maple candy shapes by the pound and half pound.  Once you determine how many guests will be attending and what packaging you are using, you can calculate how many fish and seashells. Using our Maple Candy Chart you can easily figure out the needed quantity.  There are approximately 35 fish in a pound and 72 seashells in a pound.

We make all of our candy shapes in two different flavors of maple.  Golden Delicate Taste maple candy is made with light maple syrup.  This traditional flavor of maple candy is a very sweet, intense maple flavor.  Dark Robust Taste maple candy is made with dark maple syrup.  Darker maple syrup has a bolder more maple syrup and the maple candy has a more caramelized maple finish.

Ideas to Package Maple Candy Fish and Seashells

There are as many different packaging options for maple candy fish and seashells as there are events.  Whether you want to use a bag or a box there are a lot of variety.  I’d like to share a few of my favorite websites.  I’m hoping these sites will get you thinking of how you might package your fish and seashells.

Nashville Wraps has a large selection of everything.  They have a large selection of organza bags. Organza bags come in a variety of colors and sizes and can fit most themes.  I would suggest paying attention to the size of the bag and stick with the 3″ x 4″ size.  I really like their new polka dot bags. Their Wedding Blog has many ideas and I would suggest you take a moment and browse their gallery. If you’re unsure of the size, color or anything else in question about a product, call their helpful customer service department and they’ll send you a sample.

My favorite place for candy boxing is Mod-Pac.  They, too, have a well trained and happy to assist you customer service department that can get samples in your hand.  What Mod-Pac has that I haven’t seen anyplace else is an extensive assortment of favor boxes.  Ask them about hot stamping your boxes or browse their selection of tags, stretch loops and ribbons.

Ideas to Serve Maple Candy Fish and Seashellsmaple candy fish and seashells plated on table

Serving a dish of candy at each table is becoming more popular and is better for the environment.  There will be less packaging to throw away after the party.  Guests can steal a few pieces in a napkin for later or have a taste during the event.  Use little tongs for serving out of the dish and you’re good to go.  Hassle free and simple favors.

Best Catch of the Day

There’s no doubt that you got the best catch of the day! Let your guests get a good catch with our maple candy fish and seashells at your beach event.

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