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Maple Candy Favor Chart

The maple candy favor chart will help you make the right candy selections for your event. There are as many ideas for serving and packing it in favor boxes and bags as there are events.  Maple candy is naturally gluten free and made with our family’s pure Vermont maple syrup.

maple candy heart golden delicate tasteLarge Maple Candy Heart dark robust tasteFlavors of Maple Favors

Candy shapes come in two flavors.  The Golden Delicate Taste and the Dark Robust Taste flavors contrast each other in both taste and color.  Learn more about the candy flavors in our post about reinventing maple candy.

How Much Candy to Order

Once you have made a decision on the packaging for the bulk maple candy favors and you know how many guests will be attending your event, you can calculate how much of each shape and flavor you will need. The candy chart displays how many candies are in a pound. We’ve made it easy to order down to the half-pound.  Don’t forget to have extras for the candy packers who will be helping to put the favors together!

When you are ready to order, visit the Vermont Maple Candy Favors category.

Glass dish filled with golden delicate taste maple leaf candies

When will my maple candy favor order ship?

We want to make sure that every candy order is as fresh as possible.  When placing your order, provide us with the event date in the comment section.  We will schedule the production and shipment two weeks before the event and confirm that information with you via email.  You can also contact our wedding specialist at 802-868-2347 or by submitting a contact form to set up a ship date and ask questions.

Read my post on Maple Candy Favors for more ideas.

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