Make a Mokuk

Native Americans used birch bark buckets to store maple sugar. Make your own bucket from construction paper.

Click here to download the pattern

  1. Fold the construction paper in half.
  2. Trace the pattern along the solid lines and cut out.
  3. Trace the dotted fold lines on your cutout.
  4. Decorate the mokuk while it is flat. Use Native American Designs or make up your own.
  5. Fold the mokuk along the dotted lines to create the base.
  6. On one side, fold in flap b. On the same side, bring a flaps together and overlap them on top of flap b. Glue (or tape on the inside) these flaps together to create one side of the mokuk.
  7. Repeat step 6 on the opposite side.
  8.  Punch holes in the sides and attach yarn to form a handle.



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