New Chicken Coop

hen house sidehen house_paul


Our new chicken coop for our 12 laying hens arrived! The hens have been moving from one temporary area to another as they have grown while we have patiently awaited our new coop.


After a lot of research on an easy to maintain and comfortable coop, they very happily moved into their new home. The new coop has some nice amenities like a good roosting area, a clean out drawer below the roost, large capacity feeder that holds 50 lbs of pellets, egg collection outside the coop and the building is insulated for warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.  Happy hens will lay a lot of eggs.! Since the wagon is on wheels we can move it around and give the hens a new grass area every couple of weeks. The wagon also provides a cool shady area during a hot summer day.

hen house outside hens

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