The Planning Month

Tool used to put the sap lines and parts together.

Tool used to put the sap lines and parts together.

On our farm January is always the month of reflecting both back in time and forward in time. What did we plant last year? What will we plant for forages this year? How many acres? Should we prepay for fertilizer? If so, how much? What projects will we take on this year? What fences will be replaced in the pastures? What did we do last year that lingered over to this year? What did we sell in the sugarhouse last year? Should we keep products or change products? Should we build a new website? This year we decided, yes, build that new website!

Also in January, the maple sugarwoods received attention for the upcoming maple season. Sap lines are being walked to repair damage caused by wind and animals. Some trees that have grown and are now big enough to tap are added to the sap line.

A question we regularly get during the summer touring season from visitors is what we do when the farms close in the winter. The day-to-day routines of dairy farming continue throughout the entire twelve months of the year. Cows are milked and fed, calves are born and all the other chores happen every day. Even though there isn’t any fieldwork going on it is being planned for the upcoming spring.


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